Product Design.

Product design is a new subject to the Sixth Form as the exam board has changed. It includes a coursework side and an exam side. The coursework is basically designing whatever you want; there are no limits to what you can do, which is great because if you choose something you are passionate about it will keep you interested and youíll be happy to spend time on your coursework. You have to do your coursework in stages, research, design, and manufacture.

Because the technology department in Theale Green is one of the best around (itís won awards and stuff) you have all the equipment, machinery and staff you need and there is always a free workshop or member of staff around, and as you are usually in small groups you can walk in any time of the day and do some work. In fact I am in the technology block now writing this and although I am not doing tech work it proves how free it is to use.

The exam side includes learning about the stages of manufacre and how industry works without all the boring economics stuff, and you only have to do one short essay in the whole year. There is also a design side which is a lot of fun for example we are using our design skills to design a product for out mates.

Finally there is the materials side, which includes learning how to use the large, more complicated machinery and different skills in the workshop. After about 3 months youíll be talking technical to all the staff and youíll love it!

By Sam Gable

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