P.E. AS/A-Level

A Level P.E can be taken for the full A2 or just AS, and is made up of both physical and theory work.

For the course two sports are selected. These are specific to the individual and can be from: natball, rugby, trampolining and other common sports to cricket, diving or horse riding.

The theory work consists of six main sections over two years.

Year 12 includes:

Anatomy, biomechanics and physiology
Skill acquisitions
Sociocultural aspects

Year 13 includes:

Exercise physiology
Exercise psychology and

The staff in the P.E. department are fun and full of energy, they are also always willing to help their students with any work they have difficulty with. These members of staff are Mr and Mrs Lloyd, Mr Blinco, Mrs Wadland (currently on maternity leave with her daughter Lily-May. Congratulations!), Mr Nicholson, Miss Carling, Miss Purdom, Mr Clark and Mr Tranter. In the P.E. department, the staff and Sixth From relationship is of a high level, and iss based on working together to get the best possible grade for the individual.

The course is reinforced through the trip at the end of year 12, which consists of many team building and trust exercises. Over the two years the class bond as a whole, and this makes P.E, enjoyable and entertaining.

By Lucy Knight

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