What is the "Alternative Prospectus"?

The purpose of this site is to provide prospective students with an up-to-date, inside view of each subject, written from a student's point of view. It is an alternative to the teacher written official prospectus. Each profile is written by a current (2004/2005) student who is studying that subject either at A2 or AS Level, so they should know what they're taking about. They have met the teacher, done the coursework, and are excitedly awaiting the exams.

Who wrote it?
The profiles have been written in the (limited) spare time by each student, and opinions expressed are entirely their own. Aside from some basic guidelines, the profiles were left completely up to the writers as to the format, content and descriptions. Many of the profiles include clip art, photographs of students at work, and in some cases, finished exam pieces. The profiles were completely voluntary (although some bribes may have taken place) and we hope each student's passion for their subject area is apparent from their description.

Hey! Something's missing...
Unfortunately, and despite the delegation of the Webteam, not all the subject profiles are on here yet. Various excuses have been given, but we gave up waiting and launched anyway. If the subject you want to read about doesn’t have a profile, email us and we’ll (be happy to) pass on your complaint to the selected writer. Alternatively, if you are currently taking the subject for either AS or A2 Level and would like to write for the website please contact us and we’ll send you any details. We would be very happy for you to do this, and as an added bonus, it looks good on your UCAS statement!

If you have any other feedback, comments or questions, email us or post in the forum on the main Sixth Form site.

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