Drama AS/A Level

AQA Syllabus (To be changed next year 05/06)

40% Practical
60% Written
Students study practitioners such as Artaud, Stanislavski and Brecht at both AS and A2 through practical and discussion workshops.

A number of plays are studied in each year ranging from Greek Tragedy to contempory Absurdism. The highlight of the year is the group practical project (a devised piece for AS and a scripted piece for A2).

Next year we are looking forward to changing to the EdExcel Syllabus for A-Level Theatre Studies, which will see a switch to 60% practical and 40% written work. The will also be a teacher direction production of full length (1 1/2 hours), as part of the AS course, which will be performed in front of a paying audience!


2 drama studios
Computerised lighting equipment
Drama research centre for Sixth Form students
A video-editing suite

Post-Sixth Form

After the drama A-Level there are many interesting options open to you:
· Drama degree
· Performing arts degree
· Arts and literary management
· The media study in acting, directing and community drama
· Teaching

Teacher’s Comment

“It is a pleasure to come in and work with such enthusiastic and dedicated students everyday. The performances the student’s create on this course are of an extremely high standard.”
Miss R. Gonshaw

Pupil’s Comment

“A fun and interesting option that opens the way onto a variety of jobs in the future. For me the best part of the course was the devised practical at the end of the AS course.”
Lewis Brown, A-Level Student, 2004-05

2004 Improvised Devised Piece: the cast of ‘Fog’

From left to right: Lewis Brown, Gareth Beer, Rachel Lownsborough, Jamie Sheehan and Samantha Buller.

By Lewis Brown

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