Business Studies AS/A-Level

“One of the most practical subjects you can take at A-level to equip students with an idea of how organisations which most candidates will end up working in are run”
R. McCormick (Head of Business Studies)

Studying A-level Business Studies provides students with a strong understanding and awareness of how organisations operate within different markets. The course aims to develop decision –making skills by encouraging the application of business knowledge to a variety of situations.

Throughout the course the main areas of study include:

-Accounting and Finance

(E.g. Company accounts, Budgeting, Investment decision making)


(E.g. Sales Forecasting, Marketing planning)


(E.g. Motivation, Human Resources Management)

-Operations Management

(E.g. Lean production, controlling operations)

-External Influences

(E.g. Economic and social opportunities and constraints)

-Objectives and Strategy

(Starting a firm, Business objectives)

Facilities Available

Students can make use of computing and printing equipment as well as a range of resources including a selection of ‘The Times’ case studies and ‘Business Review’ magazines.


The course also offers students opportunities to expand their knowledge and further their interest in the subject through a scheme called ‘Young Enterprise’. It aims to give students an insight into running their own business, giving them the chance to take on the responsibilities and decisions that organisations are required to deal with in the business world.

In addition there is an excellent opportunity to attend the annual ‘Business Live’ conference in Paris, allowing students to listen to members of large corporations for example PriceWaterHouseCoopers and Cadburys.

University and beyond

Business Studies can provide an outstanding platform to either specialise in certain aspects of business for example accounting and marketing however, it can also lead to courses involving Management, Economics, Law and Physics.

Many students often pursue careers in a wide range of areas including general management, retail, civil service and specialist areas of business.

Ultimately, Business studies is an enjoyable, diverse subject which is extremely valuable for any future career, as it enhances understanding of how different organisations are run and why every organisation is different.


“If Business Studies was an object, it would be a rock, because it rocks. If it were a person it would say “Study me for A-level because I rock” and it would be true.”
Chris Collard (A-Level Business Studies student)

By Christina Clare

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