Art AS/A-Level

The Course

The A-level art course is made up of six units. The three units at AS-level are:

- Unit One - “A Sense of Place” - You choose a place important to you and analyse it by drawing, painting, collage, sculpture etc, leading to a final piece

- Unit Two - “Expressive Study” - The focus of this unit is put on the figure, media and mark making, leading to an expressive final piece

- Unit Three is an - “Externally Set Assignment” - You are given a theme with which you decide upon your own direction and create, as with the first two units, a file of preparatory work. The difference with this unit however, is that you get just ten hours to complete the final piece under exam conditions!!!

The three A2 units are:

- Unit Four - “Personal Study” - You choose your own topic and develop and analyse it. This is a research project and so does not have a final piece but all work is in a portfolio

- Unit Five - “Problem Solving” - Decide upon a theme and develop a project to solve a problem or explore a problem concerning this theme, resulting in a final piece

- Unit Six – “Exam Unit” – similar to Unit Three where a question or theme is set and the prep work is completed before producing a final piece under exam conditions

All About Art!

Theale Green is an arts college and therefore is well equipped with all the art materials and facilities an A-level student will need. These include a computer bay, a dark room for photography, sculpture clay, a kiln, pastels, charcoals, and oil paints, acrylic paints and gouache paints, as well as a large and varied collection of reference books.

The Staff!

Mrs Royle is the head of the Art department and never fails to give you her time and advice. She is accompanied by Mr Wilson, Mr Battrick (deputy head of the Sixth Form), Mr Hook, Mr Upton (head of Piper House), Corinne Purcell - Photographer in residence and Kate Webb - the art technician, who all endeavour to help in any way possible.

Kate – The art technician

An AS Unit One final piece

The Best Bits!

The course offers freedom to all students and allows you to make your own decisions and follow your own interests. It is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the art department and the teachers are helpful, enthusiastic and welcoming. The course offers a great deal of opportunities and allows you to broaden your techniques and produce a high quality portfolio of work.

In my view, art is one of the few subjects available that allows you to really express yourself with few restrictions. This was a major reason that I considered when deciding my subjects to study for A-level.

In addition to the course, there is a very popular “Life Drawing” class that Mr Battrick runs once a week after school which students are expected to attend. With a professional model, students get to experiment with techniques and media and expand their experience and knowledge of drawing the figure. These classes are extra curricular, but greatly help to broaden student’s minds and talents. As well as being able to include pieces in your units, the work that is produced during these sessions also helps to make an excellent portfolio for arts colleges, university or job applications.

Many A-level art students go on to an art college to complete a one-year art Foundation course, which provides the basic knowledge and experience needed, in order to be accepted into a uni to study an arts degree.

Megan Brophy, a yr13 art student says: “The A-level art course is very challenging but the rewards are great!”

Rachel Greenwood, a yr13 art student says: “The work-load of the course is large but manageable and the atmosphere here is really friendly”

Michael Collard

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