16th Century History AS/A-Level

16th Century seems to be the popular of the histories currently offered at Theale Green. This is evident from the 15 A2 students and the 20 AS students taking the course in 2004/5

The Programme of Study for AS

Unit One
Securing the Tudor Dynasty: the reign of Henry VII
Aka Henry VIII’s dad. He stole the throne from Richard III (evil, he killed his nephews), and then Henry VII had to stop the throne being stolen from him, which various real claimants and pretenders were trying to do.

Unit Two
Luther and the Reformation in Germany 1517 – 55.
Martin Luther (the man Martin Luther King was named after) is a German monk who, with his Ideas and followers, changed Germany from Catholicism to Lutheranism

Unit Three
A very English Reformation: the Church and Henry VIII 1529 – 47
This unit does not focus heavily on his wives, only the first two: Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. This unit focuses on how Henry broke England away from Catholicism so he could find a wife that could give him a son.

At the end of this year you might be very lucky and visit Hampton Court, which is far more fun when you have just spent the last 11 months studying it.

Programme of study for A2

Unit four
Settlement and Security: Elizabethan England 1558 –1588
Okay so it is out of order but really you have to dive into Edward and Mary’s reign a tiny bit before to see why Elizabeth did what she did. Elizabeth’s reign is full of scandal and it helps you to understand a lot more.

Unit Five
The Golden Age of Spain, c.1474-1598
Coursework Module, argh! So you dive into the depths of Spain, very interesting. You have to study the reigns of Ferdinand and Isabella, Charles V, Philip II and the others but they are not as interesting as the ones mentioned above.

Unit six
The Crisis of the Tudor State: 1547 – 1558
Edward and Mary. Very interesting, a lot more interesting than they were during primary school. As you deal in more depth and not just skip over to Elizabeth Their reigns are full of plots and murders, and also the occasional bonfire, if you’re Mary, with a protestant or three chucked on top.

What facilities are used on this course?

Well it might not be the art rooms or the film study room but we have something ten times better……………Mrs Lobely’s mind. It is a very worthwhile facility to have, as she will tell you the most random facts, which might (not) help you pass your exam. For example: Henry VIII and the master of the stool and a swan…. Can’t tell you now you will just have to take the course to find out what I am on about.

What can it lead to?

History A level can obviously lead onto a History Degree, there are many kinds of this such as
- History
- History of Art (also helps a bit if you have something to do with art)
- Also any Joint degrees; History and ????

By Lizzie Stanley

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