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Piper House Evening 2005

Best of British?

What does the phrase “Best Of British” bring to mind for you? Possibly the Queen, or a Sunday roast. Perhaps it’s men in bowler hats, Big Ben, or maybe it just makes you think of the weather. After Friday night, for me, the phrase will eternally recall Jamie and Chris’ Union Jack boxer shorts.

Underwear was not the only thing on show that night, however. Copious amounts of talent and enthusiasm could be seen in every performance from Bob and the Gang to the Sex Pistols, right through to the finale.

Of course, this could only mean hard work for the Piper Prefect team: Chris said, “The workload has been huge! There is so much to sort out.” The rest of the prefects agreed, and Holly said the “stress of sorting it all out was the worst part”. The amount of work and effort put into the evening showed on the night, however. The hall was jamb packed with excited parents, teachers and students, which made it all worthwhile, leading Chris to declare it “the best house evening ever”, although no doubt Hunt, Benyon and Scott would argue otherwise.

So while the worst part was the stress, what was the best? Everyone enjoyed painting the hall, the result of which is a giant green Union Jack at the back of the stage. Kelly liked practicing the finale, something that was evident from the whole casts interesting dancing. Chris loved the theme because “it’s broad without seeming vague”. The “Best Of British” subject allowed the audience to revel in the presence of the Queen and James Bond, among others. It wasn’t just students on show. The teacher’s band was there as well, for once not playing “Johnny B. Goode”. The theme also allowed Mr Mann to gain the award for tenuous link, for his Michael Jackson introduction.

The team were hard pressed to decide which part they were most looking forward too, but Chris and Kelly finally decided the finale would be the highlight, while Michael chose “the Spice girls – very horny!” The Girls were certainly popular with particular members of the audience, and achieved one of the biggest cheers of the evening. One other notable cheer was for Crash 47, ironically one of the smallest bands on the stage. They were, incidentally, the only band to be booed, although not because of their performance - declaring Scott to be the best at a Piper event wasn’t such a good idea.

Despite the title, the evening was not without it’s hitches. The team battled on regardless, maintaining a stiff upper lip at all times; surely the real sign of Britishness.

On the evening, Chris told us, “I hope a lot of people turn up, we’ve all put in a lot of effort. It’s going to be a great occasion”, and judging by the number of times tickets ran out and the massive queue outside, a lot of people did. More to the point, they seemed to enjoy themselves.

Written by Jade Hanley, extra content provided by Lizzie Stanley. Photographs by Jade Hanley, Lizzie Stanley and Jo Edwards. Thanks (once again) to the sound/lighting crew for letting us sit with them.