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Ice Breaker 2004

Ice Broken?

Perhaps not, but most definitely thawed judging by the somewhat adventurous dancing and dynamic karaoke embarked upon by the vast majority of sixth formers.

Highly polished and may I say dazzling renditions of "Wake me up before you go go", "Crazy" and "Gay bar", entertained and undoubtedly amused those not participating. However, a superbly original cover of "Lady Marmalade" (dancers included) impressed to the extent of champagne being awarded to the winners, all of whom enjoyed the prize immensely!

Dancing took various shapes and forms with some however achieving neither of the previously mentioned. This included a fantastically interpretive shot at what could possibly have been perceived as break-dancing, (full marks for originality though). Nevertheless, fun was had by all those prepared to sacrifice a little dignity and 'get stuck in' as they say.

Finally, in answer to my question, I think it reasonable to suggest that we have successfully achieved a crack in the ice. Definite potential in terms of a full fracture later this year at the Xmas ball.

NB: xxxxxxx says sorry about the shoes Mr Ramsden, a good polish and they'll be as good as new!

"It rocked! Can't wait to watch the video of it...MWA HA HA! I met this guy called Lewis. Lewis, if you're out there - you are a dude!"

"The ice still needs breaking...let's have another!"

"I'm really hungover still"

"We won the Karaoke! Woohoo! And we weren't even in tune!"

"Nic and Skinner should have won Karaoke"

"Simon doesn't remember"

"Someone stole my drink!"
"Someone stole mine too!"

"Sexy Naomi says it was great fun! Mwah!"

"Needed 6 drinks but it was a good night and great atmosphere!"

"We thought it was fanbloomingtabulas!"

"It was great, although Thursday was embarrassing! I don't mind because the Ice Breaker fun was worth it!"

Cover your ears, it's the Karaoke!

Words by Sophie Schnepp. Photos by Richard Furnell and Jade Hanley, assisted by Rubi Akthar. Comments from various members of the Sixth Form.

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