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Comments From The Sixth Form

This is transcripted from an interview by Rubi Akthar. For some reason, people are incapable of giving sensible answers, and this is about as good as it gets.

Rubi: Say what's good about Sixth Form.
Holly W: The Ice Breaker and the Balls. Especially the Charity Ball, which is really pretty. The sofas, which very comfy. Christmas is nice with the Pensioners' party.
Zara D: The social side is very good, the parties and everything. The Charity Ball is nice.
Rubi: What about lessons?
Zara: They're alright.
Rubi: How about the teachers?
Zara: Some of them are alright...(Zara says something else, but Mr Sizer rudely talks over her). The chairs are nice. And the sofas.

Rubi: Say something about Sixth Form, David.
David K: Copyright infringement! I didn't give my permission. Ha! I pressed the stop button!
Rubi: No, it's still recording. Even now. Michelle!
Michelle S: Sixth Form is good. It gives you a better education, and it's better than college.
Rubi: Ok. ...Find more victims. Say something about Sixth Form, Shummi.
Shummi A: I think it is utter fun! Wait, let me says that again. Sixth Form is the best in the world.
Rubi: Lorna?
Lorna: Sixth Form's really fun because you get to muck about in the common room. But you have to work as well.
Amy: I think that Sixth Form is fun.

Anyone who might have some more sensible comments about Sixth Form can email us here. Comments about the work would be nice.