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Charity Ball 2005

The Sixth Form Charity Ball, held each year in the Easter term is always a special event. Held in Trunkwell House, it is not only the fanciest but also the last ‘formal’ sixth form event of the year. For one evening, the Sixth Form (and various friends who conned their way in) are given access to the house, and more importantly the bar and dance floor.

Everyone arrived in various forms of transport, either driving themselves, courtesy of kind parents, or in some cases, rolling up in stretch limos. The marquee was soon packed out, particularly the bar area, which remained so until the last half an hour of the evening. It became clear that people were not put off by the expensive drinks; many would be arriving at school on Tuesday clutching their heads, and it wouldn’t just be the students.

Throughout the night the dance floor was host to some interesting manoeuvres, although obviously some of the most extraordinary dance moves wouldn’t be remembered in the morning. This provided entertainment for all – those not dancing were able to sit and judge the best and worst movers and shakers.

Music for the night came in the form of a DJ who played a variety of music spanning several decades. Of course, no evening would be complete without Phil, Dan, Jamie and Tom to entertain and astonish us with their renowned musical talents . As usual, they were brilliant, somehow choreographing everyone to (drunkenly) sing in time, the only problem seeming to be dragging Jamie away from his pint. As an extra special treat, Mr Sizer spoiled us with his interesting dance moves, as well as joining the band for a few songs (and what a surprise, one of those was “Johnny B Goode”).

When he wasn’t acting like a rockstar, Mr Sizer was taking photographs. Photography was an essential part of the night, both for capturing the elegance of everyone present and also to use for blackmailing friends on Tuesday morning.

Everyone had a fantastic night, as shown by the bleary eyes and general dead feeling in the Sixth Form Centre on Tuesday. Once again, the Ball was a perfect way to celebrate another year at Theale.

So who remembers the Charity Ball?

“Jamie, Phil, Dan and Tom were fantastic AGAIN. Overall, good ball to see our time at Theale Green through.” - Chris C

“It was great, I'm glad I went - think I've been officially kicked out of the I-hate-social-events club” - Ellie T

“Overall it was a great night and a good time had by all I think! I only wish I had worn a tie and not trainers!” - Duncan G

“Easter Ball 2005-well where do I start? From start to finish the ball was great fun and everyone enjoyed themselves, everyone was happy and just having fun together! Balls are a great time for everyone to socialise and....drink!!! There are so many things to remember from this one, but for me it was just really nice to see everyone again and party the night away. We pulled up in Scott’s little car (much classier than a limo by far) and from then on we were partying! It was a great success and well done to everyone who helped arrange it, you did us proud! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!!!” - Lucy G

Written by Jade Hanley. Photographs provided by Chris Collard, Mr Sizer and Richard Furnell.