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Christmas Awards Ceremony 2004

The Sixth Form Awards are given out each Christmas as part of the festive celebrations. Unlike the other awards that are given at the end of each term and at the end of year, these awards do not recognise the hard work, effort and achievement of the students. Categories such as “Best Hair” and “Hottest Girl” are eagerly fought over, while people pray not to get less encouraging awards such as “Too Posh To Wash” and “Most Likely To Appear On Crime-watch”. The awards are decided by the Sixth Form, and generally represent a consensus view, although some rigging may have taken place.

The 2004 Awards took place in a venue chosen because it represented the value of the awards themselves. That is, the school canteen. Everyone was handed crackers and party poppers, which lasted about 5 minutes before they were all pulled; the exciting prizes inside (jigsaws, clackers etc) were swapped and the ‘jokes’ cracked. With everyone dressed in suitable festive gear (paper hats), the awards could be presented.

Hottest Girl:

Year 12: Emily
Year 13: Jenny

Sexiest Guy:

Year 12: Jason
Year 13: Chris

Worst Driver:

Year 13: Kelly (For crashing into the concrete bollards outside the sixth form centre just after passing her test)

Best Hair:

(Mr Sizer tries to nominate himself)
Year 12 girl: Lucy
Year 12 boy: Ben
Year 13 girl: Ram
Year 13 boy: Adam

Most Likely To Be Famous:

Year 12 girl: Donna
Year 12 boy: Joe
Year 13 girl: Sarah-Jane
Year 13 boy: Tom

Biggest Maneater:

Year 12: Candice

Most Likely To Appear On What Not To Wear:

Year 12 girl: Tasha
Year 12 boy: Kyle
Year 13 girl: Ashlee
Year 13 boy: Ricky

Best Bum:

Year 12 girl: Cat
Year 12 boy: Guy
Year 13 girl: Claire
Year 13 boy: Sheldon

Best Dressed:

Year 12 girl: Heather
Year 12 boy: Jack
Year 13 girl: Rayah
Year 13 boy: Dhreen

Cutest Couple:

Year 12: Jamie and Lisa
Year 13: Adam and Sarah

Too Posh To Wash:

Year 12: Dean
Year 13: Paul

Legend Of The Year:

Year 12: George
Year 13: Lewis

Most Likely To Appear On Crime-Watch:

Year 13: Becky and Darryl

By Rubi Akthar, introduction by Jade Hanley. Photographs by Jade Hanley.