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11/05 I hate angelfire angelfire I hate angelfire I hate angelfire I hate angelfire I hate angelfire
17/05 not so much now because it's actually worked. pages looks like shit but still worked

Hi, welcome to the downloads section. Here I've uploaded a few videos and audio clips from Team Kickass. You will need Quicktime to view them - available here .

Feel free to send us clips of you or friends making a total ass of yourself or doing something equally amateurish. No porn or blood... well maybe a little blood but no porn. The following clips have been taking using a camera phone (Andrew's amazing phone) so don't blow them up to full screen - it will compromise the quality. However, audio is good.

The last two vids were filmed with a digital camera so they may take a little while to load. Worth it though he he he he...

17/05 added the streaming files. easy to watch but low quality.

  Quicktime WMP Realone WMP

Avril DJ Naik Remix
Audio - .amr 49.4kb
This is what happens when the skinniest member of Team Kickass - Yash - drinks 4.5 cans of XXXX beer. Beware Avril fans.


Basic Survival 1
Video - .3gp/.wmv 736kb/2.09mb
Yash attempting to open a 2 litre bottle with a metal baseball bat after the drunk night before. We're shattered; it's freezing and we've had bout one hour of sleep. Not to mention the guy in the woods and the hike back up.

Basic Survival 2
Video - .3gp/.wmv 351kb/1.31mb
Gassan opening a 2 litre bottle with a metal baseball bat. Well, I had to show him how it was done. We didn't film Andrew opening a bottle but it wasn't as explosive.

Rasmus DJ Yash Remix
Video - 3gp/.wmv 92.1kb/278kb
This video was taking in the middle of the night so you can't see much. The lit object is Yash dancing. Just listen to it.


Pull the brakes
Video - .3gp/.wmv 102kb/250kb
One of Andrew's own Jackass videos. The idea behind it: convince someone to bike up a ramp. Then when they're riding away to get a good start, put a log in the way.

Kill Tom
Video - .3gp/.wmv 146kb/403kb
Another bike-related Jackass clip - better than the first since it gets him right in the balls. Just watch it.
Be My Valentine
Video - .mov/.mpg 3.77mb/6.40mb
robin's house 4am + bored + digital video camera + messing around + 3 film ideas put together = something that looks a little bit like this...

The Smudge
Video - .mov/.mpg 2.08mb/3.96mb
Sequel to the No. 1 Blockbuster 'Be My Valentine'. There will come a day when the film that connects the two will be made. There's word around Evil Penguin Productions that there may also be a prequel to Be My Valentine coming out sometime...

Can Can
Video - .mpg 1.40mb
Down at Ruddington Park Andrew got bored and make this nice little vid. Gary is trying to skate but what's funny is the last bit.

Crazy Frog(man)
Video - .mpg 683kb

Crazy Fart
Video - .mpg 349kb

Video - .mpg 71.9kb

Video - .mpg 278kb
Guest star Schnip. he he he he...

Shoes of Fire
Video - .mpg 394kb.

Video - .mpg 519kb

The Git
Video - .mpg 206kb.

Why Negroes
Video - .mpg 422kb