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Plum Natural

Organic Market and Deli Opens in Twin Falls!

I’m in Twin Falls, I’m slurping down homemade soup – organic to boot – and drooling over a salad bar….! Yes, it’s true, there is now a whole foods organic grocer and deli in the heart of Twin Falls with great lunch items, and run by Norean Clark, a certified naturopath and master herbalist. If there is another place that has a salad bar in this neck of the woods, I haven’t heard of it (though I sure wouldn’t mind if you proved me wrong) and this one also offers all organics with a wide selection of toppings, sprouted seeds and nuts, and can be used on top of a big old organic Idaho spud!


Norean Clark opened Plum Natural Organic Market & Deli in October, and since then business has been booming. Situated in the historic downtown area on 149 Main Avenue East (then follow the arrows, and your nose), it’s a great location, a great space, and simply put, a great idea. Fresh organic produce; a wide selection of Daily Blessings organic beef, poultry, and pork products; dairy; a wide selection of teas and supplements, and an entire wall of bulk bins with flours, grains, and a whole lot more. Owner Norean Clark was determined that her business would be more than just another supplement store and would encompass all of what living a natural, healthy life entails.

If you do come, you’ll leave behind the view that eating healthy means sacrificing taste, choice, or quality. As I was sucking down my homemade minestrone, I thought about how a lot of “homemade soups” are really made by opening up a lot of cans, dumping them into one pot, and heating it all up. When things are made slowly, with time and intention as they are here, the result is a depth of flavor, texture, and nourishment that is incomparable, as the soup I’m humming about proves. Ultimately, people will continue to return because things taste wonderful, and the offerings run from regular fare to things that might not be offered anywhere else in the Magic Valley.

Norean runs the business with the help of several family members, waits on tables herself, and considers her naturopathic practice informal – as in, “people ask me questions and I answer them.” Her vision is to not only offer something whose time has come, but to help people live healthier lives, broaden options, and create a business that is responsive to customers needs, and it would appear through her offerings, to support local and regional organic farmers and producers. “At the very least,” she says, “people will be eating one healthy meal that day.”

Her line of products and produce is expansive and will continue to grow as she gets more of a feel about what people want and need. There’s room to grow, space to breathe (not a little nook and cranny shop), and options from smoothies to soup to sandwiches and beyond!


Featured Items:


~ Fresh Organic Meats & Produce

~ Organic Frontier Herbs & Spices

~ Raw Honey

~ Over 50 Organic Bulk Items, Including: nuts, grains, sprouting seeds & supplies

~ Organic Dairy Products

~ Smoothies

~ Homemade Soups, Breads, and


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