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Sharon Cox

Herbal Therapies Her Garden Grew…….

Though Sharon Cox had been involved with herbs and gardening for over 25 years, she never had any intention of starting a business around this practice. What her intention was was to live her life based on the core beliefs she held about the world, spirit, and life. These core beliefs are:

I believe in being fully present in the moment at hand.
I believe in moving with conscious intent in all that I do.
I believe in the interconnectedness of all things.

In November of 1997 she was in her garden in Selah, Washington when she received the message in her inner mind to create a healing salve from the herbs she had grown. The voice then told her to make a recipe, which was not at all a part of how she was accustomed to working with herbs. The recipe of that day, however, would be the foundation of her business - Azhdarian’s (her maiden name)Herbal Therapies, and would evolve into her highly successful Epi-soothe product. Her first customer, so to speak, was a woman with radiation burns. Her salve healed the burns, and because Sharon had followed her inner guidance and created a recipe for it, she was able to share it with others.

Sharon continued to follow this inner guidance and develop more products and market and shares them now on a national scale. Her product line has now expanded to include additional salves combining essential oils, organic ingredients, and the intention of the Azhdarian Mission Statement: To continue to create Azhdarian’s Herbal Therapies in a socially respectful and environmentally sensitive manner for as long as the products are helping people and I am at peace with what I am doing.

For more information on Sharon and her healing salves, see product review of Episoothe or visit her website at: