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~by Sor’a, in dedication to Elle Re

Here I am again, thick with God,
and you the vessel
from which I come to drink—
great carafe of Love
pouring endlessly
into every open cup you find.

At first I hold my cup so close, afraid
of liquid fire,
but slowly I open a space inside,
allow you to pour deeply
my cup growing, growing
and you there pouring,
just pouring
so beautifully.

Then one day
my cup begins to overflow,
this fiery liquid river of Light
s t r e a m i n g
back into the world; my cup
finally disappearing,
this Great Love pouring
right back


Floating in the Air

We sat listening to
The chamber music, floating
Notes in the mountain air.
Our heads chose to touch
Together lightly,
One point between us joining,
Our eyes closed as we listened
And in those moments
Fleeting and forever,
Our skins fell away
And we floated together, unseen
Riding gently on the notes,
Moving, dancing, playing
In the mountain air.

Canzada Savage, 08/02/2005



Love is never alone
Love is always crowded
Love is the shared self

We cannot own our love
And we cannot teach our love

The longest breath of love
is the shortest distance to heaven

The deepest life is love
The deepest love is embrace

Love is not rest
Love is peace
Love is the purpose

Akiane, 2006


American Beggars & Kings

There was an old drunken Indian on the corner.
He was smiling
and shaking a cup with some change in it.
He made no bones about it,
he wanted it for beer.
The practical part of me was aghast
-hard whiskey would go so much farther!
and beggars can’t be choosers
but who am I to say
what protocol
is in this situation?

A cloud perpetually hangs over him
and rains with the tears of his ancestors
so proud.
It collects in pools
which overflow
and run into the drains and sewers
and fertilize the soil
becoming a bounty harvest
of which we are all beggars and kings.

Angela Koskie


The Path of

Life! Where are you taking me?
I’m stuck in a puddle of pain.
Seeking the unseen, I do my best
forging ahead with boundless courage.

I take action
reaching, reaching
climbing, climbing
I raise the bar to a higher level.

Waking form the trance, I feel a shift.
There within is a palace of Immense Power
…my Soul Print.

Vee Riley, 2006

Door Number 2

New Age hippie
walks through the magical door
thinking she was would end up in eternity

But, she ended up on the 5th floor of

She’s not that upset, though
-not at all really!-
There’s a sale on lady’s underwear
and there’s still a wad of cash
in her pocket.

Next stop –

Tara Vata, 2006


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