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Warm Fuzzy Center Opens in Emmett


Diana Siderides, Reiki Master and animal communicator, has been teaching Reiki and energy work for years. She has recently opened up her own teaching center near Emmett, north of Boise, which she is calling the Warm & Fuzzy Center. She will be holding regular classes for all levels of Reiki, animal communications, and Inner Energy, all of which she describes below in her introduction to what she offers at her new center.

By Diana Siderides

Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking or if they are happy? Wondered what it would be like to chat with a gorilla? As an animal communicator, I have done these things. During the twenty years I spent as a raptor rehabilitator, I have soared with eagles, darting amongst the clouds, able to see through the eyes of the birds that I have released. I have walked through the barns at the race tracks and had the horses call to me come talk to them or help ease their pain. I have traveled to Uganda, Africa, and talked with the mountain gorillas.

All animals are telepathic; it is second nature for them. Being able to communicate with animals is rewarding and profound. When I help people to understand “Why” their animals are doing what they do, their animals are sometimes surprised that their humans cannot understand them. Many times I find that misbehaving pets have an underlying physical problem or pain, and I provide some Reiki (Japanese healing energy) to help them as well

How does one learn to do animal communications? Through a seminar “INCREASE”, originally created by Nick Buchanan, my late cousin, I learned these special techniques. I teach this course now, as “Inner Energy.” I am building a new classroom to teach Inner Energy and Reiki, as a tribute to my cousin Nick Buchanan, and to Mrs. Takata, who brought Reiki to USA from Japan, and taught me in the 1970’s. I call my new classroom the Warm Fuzzy Center to remind us that our warm, fuzzy feelings help us to recognize the Power housed within each of us.

During this intense 3 day seminar, I teach people how to communicate with their animals, and their human loved ones as well as those who have passed over. Inner Energy will help you to connect with the Power housed inside yourself. Inner Energy will be taught the third weekend of the month, given adequate attendance.

I will also teach Reiki I, II, III here at the Warm Fuzzy Center the first weekend of every month as a 2 day class. Reiki is a hands-on healing method that treats the entire body; physical, mental & spiritual. I have been using Reiki since 1975 and I have grown tremendously with Reiki.

As a Reiki Master, I enjoy giving Reiki or Communication sessions, but I would much rather teach people how to communicate and help them grow, because it is so exciting to watch people mature with these teachings.

Call me, Diana Siderides, at (208) 584-9034 or email me at: to get more information or to secure a spot in the next Seminar.


Comes to the WRV
in July

Dr. Kelly Martinez
Chiropractic Physician, Wellness Consultant

When people find out I’m a light touch chiropractor, they sometimes ask, “Are you a healer?” My answer sometimes surprises them. “No, but you are. I am a doctor of chiropractic trained in a gentle, non-force balancing technique.”

The next question is usually “Oh, is that like _______ (technique)?” Well, no, it’s not like that technique – or any other technique out there for that matter. Let me tell about what I do.

I began studying the philosophy and science of chiropractic in November of 2000. My personal introduction to chiropractic was through competitive athletics. I developed a strange and painful condition that could not be explained by any doctor I saw, let alone ‘cured.’ After several months of unsuccessful therapies, I decided to try chiropractic. This method of alternative healthcare delivered almost immediate relief of many of my symptoms. The difference was so great that I enrolled in classes at Palmer College of Chiropractic just a few months later. I received an incredible education in the amazing abilities of the human body, and the wonders of chiropractic. However, I continued to experience pain and limited motion. It seemed that no matter what form of chiropractic I tried, the problems persisted. I continued my search for the true cause of my symptoms, and that’s when something life changing happened. A close friend and fellow student shared a personal family story of disease, pain and triumph. Her testimony was so unbelievable that I had to check it out for myself! That was the beginning of the most rewarding journey in my lifetime so far.

Okay, so what is it that I do? I am a BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) practitioner. I was fortunate enough to train directly under the doctors who created this amazing technique, and received my Diplomate in 2003. For anyone who has never heard of B.E.S.T., let me explain! BioEnergetic Synchronization works to align the neurology of the body and update subconscious memory, which can create obstacles to our physical and emotional well-being. These treatments, in conjunction with pH-based alkalizing nutrition as well as gradual lifestyle modifications, balance the body and allow the cause of many common ailments to be corrected. When your system is clear and functioning properly, your innate wisdom directs the healing. B.E.S.T. restores the ability heal and prevent ailments like back pain and ADHD. You may also find it interesting to know that B.E.S.T. has more than an 80% success rate with previously failed medical AND chiropractic cases!

Beginning in July, I will be thankfully offering the opportunity to experience the benefits of this very unique wellness system. In addition to B.E.S.T., practice members can also expect to receive related treatments as indicated, such as Body pH Analysis and Counseling, NIMMO soft tissue therapy, Integrated Aromatic Medicine, Computerized Muscle Testing, and Wellness Programs For You featuring personalized nutrition and exercise recommendations. I feel blessed to be able to help each client access his or her limitless innate healing potential, helping others realize their perfect health is my purpose and joy.

Dr. Kelly Martinez, D.C., can be reached directly via email at She and her husband are enthusiastically preparing for their relocation to the Ketchum/Hailey area in July 2006. They look forward to becoming a caring and healthful contribution to their community and the entire valley.



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