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“Why do you play golf? Seems like a huge waste of time.” I sometimes get that question from workshop participants who have heard that I love the game.

Now I could be consumed by guilt over such a thought. After all, the average round of golf takes four hours or so. But I’m not ashamed, because the actual swinging of a golf club to strike the little white golf ball takes no more than 1 second. If a person is playing well and shoots 75, that’s about a 1 1/2 minutes total of actually playing golf. If someone is not so proficient and shoots 120, it’s still only two minutes.

I know what you’re thinking -- How about the pre-shot ritual, taking the club out of the bag, a practice swing, lining up, etc.? Ok, then, add another 30 seconds per shot, it still adds up to only about 40 minutes per round, so you still have well over three hours of time left. And, as my friend, golf pro and author Fred Shoemaker says, “That’s where the question, ‘Why do you play?’ becomes relevant.”

What do you do with the other three plus hours? It’s your choice. You could rant and rave, eat and drink too much, and gnash your teeth over your score because, let’s face it, it’s rarely good enough. But a certain number doesn’t have to be your sole purpose for playing golf. You can choose your purpose. How about three hours of deep breathing, centering, and walking in a beautiful ‘zen garden’? How about three hours of awareness, peace, and contemplation? Or three hours of camaraderie, learning and taking time to really be with people. What an exciting way to view life -- not out of expectations, but out of infinite possibility. This moment, this day, this shot, are brand new and the possibilities are endless.

It’s never the form of the activity that gives it value: it is the purpose that we choose when we do it. Some activities have elaborate rules and protocol, others just require that we show up. But it’s always your choice on why you participate. Pick one of your leisure activities and ask yourself, “What is my purpose?” Each time, choose a purpose that is achievable, fulfilling, and aligned with your deepest values. You’ll be amazed how aligned and refreshing that activity will be to you.

Thomas Crum is an author and presenter in teh fields of conflict resolutoin, peak performance, and stress management. A teacher and master of Aikido, Thom brings his depth, knowledge, and spirtuality to the realms of golf, skiing, and other endeavors in Aspen, Colorado.

The Magic of Golf Program
July 7-10, 2006

What would it be like to emerge from the confusion of endless golf tips into the realm of peak performance? Learn powerful skills to enhance your personal and professional life as you discover the true and joyful nature of the great game of golf.

Join Thomas Crum and Eri Crum in an atmosphere of mindfulness, learning, and inspiration, where you’ll gain lifelong skills in self-coaching, relaxation, and focus both on the golf course and off. This retreat will transform your game and transform your life. It is held at selected golf courses surrounding the majectic town of Aspen, Colorado. The instructor/student ratio will be one coach for every four participants, up to a maximum of 16 participants.

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8:30-9:15 am with Debi
720-0000 at Innerflo,
418 N. River Street Hailey
Free of Charge

6-8 pm Being Peace Center
91 E Croy St Suite B, Hailey
Myohei Genshin Sensei-Resident Teacher Traditional Zen Meditation open to all


8:15 - 9 :00 am with Mary Ann 726-7709 at Innerflo Movement Studio 301 Bell Dr. Ketchum ~ Free of charge


6-7 pm with Diane Crist 726-3522. Diane Crist’s office upstairs from Starbucks Coffee in Ketchum. Free of charge

Siddha Yoga Chanting and Meditation 7:30pm at The Hailey Yoga Center at The Gateway, 613 N. River St Hailey, call for details Susan Fierman 788-0907,
free of charge.

6-8 pm Being Peace Center
91 E Croy St Suite B, Hailey
Traditional Zen Meditation open to all

Video Satsang with
Eli & Gangaji
7pm, 38 Fox Hollow Gulch Rd, Bellevue Contact Brad

7:30 - 9 pm Beginner’s Mind Sangha Boise Yoga Center, 3113 Rose Hill, Boise, Gary


8:15 -9: 00 AM with Mary Ann 726-7709 at Innerflo Movement Studio in Ketchum*
Free of charge

5 - 5:30 pm St Thomas’s Meditation (centering prayer) group St Thomas Episcopal Church, Ketchum. Free of charge

6:15-7 pm with Mary Ann 726-7709 St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Ketchum Downstairs, Room 5 Free of charge

7:30-9:30 pm Zaney’s Coffee Shop
208 River Street, Hailey
Contact Janet Abromeit at 788-1570 Dharma talk and meditation. Free of Charge.


6-7pm Teton Sangha Yoga studio above Pica’s restaurant, Jackson, WY for more info.


Video Satsang with Gangaji
7pm, 38 Fox Hollow Gulch Rd, Bellevue Contact Brad


1st Monday of the month at Light on the Mountains Spiritual Center, 6:30-8:30 PM, A CD Dharma talk and guided meditation.
Call 726-7709

1st Friday of the month
Buddhist Study Group
6-8 pm Being Peace Center


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