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Freedom from Chaos

Birthing Your Ascended Heart

By Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa


Enlightenment, sought by many, rarely attained, and usually after strict discipline and sacrifice. Traditional and time-honored approaches sought through therapeutic or spiritual means are no longer required to attain this blissful state of being. At the turn of the millennium, all karma was lifted. Yes!

Whether you “believed in” karma or not, most people have been subject to soul agreements. These agreements, often played out through the subconscious, have for millennia dictated the conditions to be engaged in each lifetime. Imagine the infinite possibilities now that these agreements are released.

With the release of Karma comes the responsibility of choice. Once you understand this lifetime is THE lifetime of completion, when you recognize you have indeed done this all before, THEN you are a conscious co-creator! How exciting; earth experience then becomes a joy-filled choice.

Completion energy is bathing our planet at this time. This acceleration supports true awakening providing the opportunity to lift out of traditional alignments. See the world from a multi-dimensional perspective! Energies are playing-out on the global game-board. Assist resolution by holding an inner state of Peace, Love, and Joy. In this manner you will not fuel the chaos, but instead transcend the drama.

Where are we transitioning to? All are releasing density consciousness and beginning to embrace Ascension Awareness. Density consciousness is the stream of awareness attached to the world of material form, fear and limitation, or the 3rd experience. Ascension Awareness is the Quantum leap beyond just this earth, just this body, and just this dimension! It is the full recognition that we are transforming.

Approaching 2012, we are being prepared to take a conscious quantum leap into the 5th dimension and beyond, opening the possibility of consciously residing in authentic soul energy and claiming multi-dimensional existence. The 5th dimensional energies are already here. So, how can you embrace this?

Living in the 5th dimension requires you release attachment to the chaotic dramas of 3-d. As long as you are invested in the experiences of the traditional lower 3 chakras, safety, sex and power; you are hooked. Therapy, emotional release and financial success do not free you from the game-board…they just offer a bigger sand box to play within.

Ascended Chakra System

Freedom comes as you open your chakra system energy to Ascension awareness. (see Ascended Chakra System picture above). As you practice lifting your energy centers into divine swirls of infinite energy, Peace becomes your norm supporting detachment from chaos and drama. Ascension Awareness anchors when you lift into a new “root” center, the Ascended Heart (the traditional 4th chakra). With this new “root” you shift perspectives so that you are no longer in or of the world. Centering in the Ascended Heart, the 3rd dimensional issues are transcended. You generate a field of unconditional acceptance, a place of great peace. From here, a new level of existence is birthed.

The 5th dimension is just the beginning, with a frequency of Peace, Love and Joy. Clarity is the common theme. The earth itself is already moving into this frequency. To lift into 5th dimensional frequency one must release old energies. The earth must release the energetic debris that has been grounded into her. These releases are taking the form of earthquakes, volcanic activity, violent weather patterns and changing sea levels. For humans, the leap is simpler. We have only to deal with our emotional and physical attachments, releasing preoccupations with density consciousness. That is, people need to simply break the habit of believing they are earth bound.

Celebrate! You are living in a unique time of acceleration and spiritual knowledge. Advancement will occur as fast as you are willing to assimilate it. The key is to release the habit of the habit of attachment to pain and materiality. Living in the Ascended heart can be accomplished joyfully and quickly with the energetic support of a loving mentor. This is the path of Self-Ascension as taught by Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa, spiritual teachers and authors of “Sacred Union: The Journey Home”. Learn more about this joyful teaching at

© 2006 Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa