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by Angela Earle

Marina Broschofsky has lived in the Wood River Valley her entire life. Like Jean Pierre her college was on the job, her design skills learned along the way while apprenticing and working with clients. The result is a relaxed atmosphere, and an intention of helping people to navigate the often overwhelming task of filling up their homes in a way that is healthy and reflects the personality of the owners. Her goal is to offer local people the latest in environmentally friendly products, interior design services and products, and to do it at a reasonable price that makes it possible for people to get high quality, healthy products without having to drive hours away from home.

How much does a house really cost and how can we measure that? By initial cost, or the long term costs? Are the products and materials in your home adding to your medical bills? Decreasing your quality of life? Representative of your core values? Is all of this just very overwhelming?!

Marina understands and it is her hope that she can help you through the myriad of choices that you will have to make when designing a new home, or remodeling an existing one. Probably the biggest single factor in what ends up in our homes is what a person knows about what is available. While green products have been showing up more and more frequently on our supermarket shelves, that transference into our homes has taken a lot longer, and is often clouded by beliefs of greater expense, or that local builders or contractors won’t know how to use them. The opposite is actually more often the case and it is Marina’s belief that the time is ripe for people to take this next step into wellness.

Going Beyond Green

“Loving where you live is very important. Being surrounded by the things
that make you feel good creates an emotional security which leads to piece
of mind. My home is my sanctuary. “
- Marina Broschofsky

Getting greener in our homes has the added benefit of making us more aware of where the products in our home come from. We are such a removed culture, not realizing that the food in our refrigerators may have come thousands of miles to reach us, and is the process of a huge network of suppliers and factors. Our homes are the same way. What was the environmental impact of creating this home, and what is the impact in the future? We can no longer afford to be ignore these chains of event we set in motion, for our own health, and for the health of the planet. There is also the very real truth that even the smallest decision has an impact on the big picture. At CSR, Steven Paulsen talked with me about the fact that even if you plant only one of a native species, you are in fact creating the constructs for a natural habitat. This is not taking on the guilt and cost of an out of control environmental crisis, this is simply taking responsibility for the part each of us is playing in the world right here and right now. The biggest mistaken belief is that one person can’t make a difference, when in fact that is the only factor that can.


The Goods

“Carpets are a big cootie trap.”

Marina gets her products through Canopy, an umbrella organization that supplies a line of products from a variety of producers that have met guidelines of environmental friendliness and sustainability. Choices range from flooring to cabinetry to countertops to metalware .

Sinks and Hardware

Handcrafted metal goods from sustainable casting and production processes is available in various modes and functions. Bowl shown is available through Native Trails, and handcrafted out of recycled copper by family owned workshops in Mexico using indigenous techniques.



Wood Products

Flooring, cabinetry, furniture all produced sustainably – i.e. through reuse of wood products or with materials such as bamboo which are replenished quickly. All resins, paints, and treatments are made from natural, non-toxic substances.


Recycled countertops


Made of recycled paper, these countertops (called PaperStone) come in two colors (black and brown). Pressed in non-toxin natural resins, they are as or more durable than their cement counterparts and come in slabs that can be cut to fit.

Marina’s advice for anyone considering building, designing, or remodeling a house is to do research and formulate a plan as early as possible. She says a lot of ways to cut costs while still maintaining style and integrity can be worked out the earlier your start. There are also a lot more options available to people when they plan ahead. She is available for consultation, product, material and design services, or just walk-in and talk to her at her store in Bellevue. Her goal is to have people feel comfortable and ask questions. If I’m any indication, Marina doesn’t believe there are any stupid questions.


Red Door Design is currently in the process of moving, but will remain in Bellevue. Contact Marina for details: 208-788-9075, or

For more information on Canopy products see: