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Vision Quest is a sacred rite of passage. It can be especially meaningful at times of transition in one's personal life such as: graduating, leaving home, marriage, becoming a parent or grandparent, mid-life, a new job, divorce, loss of a loved one, aging, or dying. It is a time for a woman to connect deeply with her self, her dreams and personal symbols, and other women. With the support of a small community of peers and professional guides in a wilderness setting, each of us alone and together will explore our unique identity. We will learn about the Medicine Wheel, engage in ceremony, song and ritual, explore dreams and tell stories.

The Vision Quest will take place July 20-24 , Wednesday evening -Sunday evening. The time alone in harmony with nature and sharing in the community will hopefully allow one new or renewed vision: more insight into oneself and the directions one wishes to go in life, increased self-confidence, and renewed appreciation for family members and friends.

A $300 fee covers preparation, expenses and the base camp portion of the quest. The group is limited in size. Please write to us briefly about your reasons for undertaking a life passage ceremony at this time and send a deposit of $50 which will hold your place. At this time you will be given a handbook describing the quest process. Participants are responsible for bringing and preparing their share of food, their personal camping equipment, and sharing transportation.

The Vision Quest will be guided by Sandy Hyde and Judy Hall . Sandy is a licensed professional counselor with a special interest in dreams, myth and ritual, and has apprenticed in Vision Quest at the School of Lost Borders in California. Judy has been a student of Depth Psychology for 14 years. She is currently working at the Environmental Resource Center and is enrolled as an Apprentice in the Animus Valley Institute's Soulcraft Apprenticeship Intensive Program to become a Wilderness Guide. For further information contact Sandy 208-726-9051( ) and Judy 208-726-7692 ( ) Please send your letter and deposit to: Sandy Hyde, Box 2512, Ketchum, ID   83340