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Harvest Your Creative Essence


by Sor'a

The most invisible creators I know of
are those artists whose medium is life itself. 
The ones who express the inexpressible...
They neither paint nor sculpt—their medium is being.
Whatever their presence touches has increased life...
They are the artists of being alive.  –J. Stone

Chill autumn mornings bring the leaves alive with color, and the fruits of my garden nourish my senses—sweet-juicy corn, plump melons, red-yellow-orange tomatoes, and prickly pumpkins turning the color of the setting sun.

The seeds we planted last spring are ready to harvest, and I'm grateful for their bounty…plenty to savor and to share. I remember wondering if I'd even plant a garden this year when the spring rains were pouring down and the weeds seemed to sprout faster than they could be plucked from the earth. Now that the harvest is here, I'm glad I planted.

That's the thing about gardens--they require preparation and patience. Gardens have different needs throughout the seasons, and the most plentiful bounty comes when we attend to these changing needs. The inner garden of our creativity requires similar care and tending.

Creativity comes in many forms, the most essential sewn into the fabric of our being. While we might or might not express through creative activity each day, there is a creative essence in each of us just waiting to blossom. It is the expression of our unique way of being, and the harvest of this form of creativity will feed the world. 

To reap the inner creative harvest, we begin by connecting to our essential purpose (the soil of being). In this season, it's good to listen carefully to dreams & desires, to notice what brings joy, and to stay tuned with eyes of wonder and possibility.

Once the seed of purpose is well planted, it's time to nourish it through constant weeding & feeding. Faithfully remove everything that crowds your purpose and keeps it from getting enough nourishment. But remember: the most beautiful blossoms often grow through a bit of wildness—if you weed too soon you might remove a tender sprout!

Feed your purpose daily by spending time doing what you love and by composting all the old stories, habits, and patterns of living that no longer serve you. And pollinate your inner garden by experimenting with life, sampling from the many fruits it offers every day.

And then just watch your creative energy grow!

The harvest comes regularly when we give the Creative Seed of Purpose plenty of space & attention. It's also then that day-to-day creativity will flourish. All it takes is the willingness to keep planting, the patience to weed out the old, and the courage to show up in full bloom!

Enjoy the harvest. . .keep composting. . .and share your bounty.


An after-harvest reminder: A little time in a dark, quiet place with nothing but your essential self can do wonders for the bulb of your being!

Sor'a Garrett is a HCP (highly creative person), an inspiration guide, founder of Inspired-Connections and co-creator of The Radiant Being discovery process. She can be contacted at 208-333-8909,, or