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Summer Camp, Water & the Force


with Wade Port, D.C.


Well summer is almost here and it is time to start thinking about what to pack for camp besides the guitar and drum. Just as I have for the last three summers I will be going off to Master Piece Training Camp.   Every time I return I have a new level of discipline, integrity, and congruency in my life.   At the core of our beings is an unquenchable thirst to know.   Where we go to look is as infinite as we are; yet we are always led back to the same place... within.

Everyone has his or her favorite getaway and retreat they go to feed their souls with the experience of being alive through community.   Some resonate with weekend seminars, others silent meditation retreats, yoga camps, or even Fur Peace Ranch music camp.


One of the most talked about speakers at the 8 th Annual Sun Valley Mountain Wellness Festival was Japan's own Healing Water Man, Dr. Masaru Emoto.   On April 25 th , Spirit at Work Production Company put together a stellar lecture and exhibition of Emoto's work in Boise.   Many of us made the trip from the Valley to see Dr. Emoto as we all learned much more about the planet, water, music, and ourselves.   Emoto, the silent star of What the Bleep Do We Know? , says that music is first healing before it is art.   Further that water is the messenger of the creator as it carries energy and information better than any other element.   His artistry expresses through Hado medicine, which introduces healing vibration through water.   The method takes an analysis of the wave patterns of someone's illness and introduces an opposite pattern for a canceling effect.   As well, the emotional vibratory frequency of anger is cancelled with compassion, sadness with joy, grudge with gratitude, impatience with tolerance, and so on.  

Emoto started taking photos of water crystals as a way to physically show people what ancient wisdom has been promoting for a long time.   May we all be impeccably mindful of how we care for ourselves and others.


Due to my powerful procrastination method I was able to see Star Wars III before submitting my column to Angela.   The midnight showing made for a thorough mix of exhaustion and anticipation.   By movies end I was inevitably internalizing my own life experience reflecting on how the light and dark both have places in the gig of life.   In the moments I am gripped with fear I can also experience great hope.   When I feel most alone I have overwhelming faith that I am not.   When the shadow gets too dark I realize it is only because the light has risen.   It is seemingly a blessing and a curse to have been given a glimpse into the possibilities of a life of service:   A blessing to know life's riches gifts, yet a curse if for a moment I should ignore that blessing.   We are each other's medicine, constantly lighting the path for one another.   The more responsibility I accept for my life, the more I can tap into the infinite source of power and wisdom.   The trick is to remember that it is always already there.   We are all in this together, and may the force be with us all.   And still, the force need not be with you, you are the force.


Enjoy the summers festivals, retreats, and camps as they remind us of our own gifts and what a joy it is to share them.   

"You never know how far reaching something you say, think, or do Today will affect the lives of millions Tomorrow."

-B.J. Palmer, Chiropractor


Dr. Wade can be reached at 208-726-6010.