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Wellness Speaker Crashes Comfort Zones

Christel Nani, author of Diary of a Medical Intuitive, Returns to Sun Valley


by Kristan Kennedy

At first take, Christel Nani’s metaphysical story is literally, unbelievable.

I realized just how tall a tale she spins in her memoir Diary of a Medical Intuitive, while recounting the details to my boyfriend over a leisurely Sunday breakfast. Riveted by her book, I was jabbering on and on about Nani’s transition from emergency room New York trauma nurse to full-time chakra reader/medical intuitive/healer as if her story was a run of the mill career crisis tale.       

My breakfast date wasn’t buying it.  “You realize how utterly ridiculous and impossible that all sounds.” He said without missing a bite. The only thing that paused was his fork, for a moment, while he spit the sentence out.           

He had a point. But that didn’t stop me from experiencing the medical intuitive first hand when she visited the Sun Valley Mountain Wellness Festival last Memorial Day.  When I arrived at the Wellness Festival, I had just finished Diary. As soon as I finished the last page I wanted to hook up with her to get clarity on a book project I’m highly attached to publishing. The $200 price tag for her workshop was daunting, but I’m not a person who thinks healers should donate their services to better mankind so I hustled over to Chapter One and signed on for the day-long session. I felt profoundly committed to discovering where I was blocked and whether my intellectual goals indeed matched up with my physical and spiritual energy. I knew from her books that Nani’s work aims to give people health scans, but also to see if their careers, relationships and life activities are helping or hindering their ability to vibrate at their highest levels.

 In her book, I was riveted by tales of her encounters with clients and their stories of following or not following what Nani calls “guidance.”  A high level executive she counseled to quit his job or die from heart failure within a year. A co-dependent breast cancer victim who opted for dying of cancer rather than change her caretaking ways.  I wanted to see if I was on the right path, in God’s will as we say, or whether I suffered from self-will run riot when it came to my energy and my book.

I was hoping for a cut and dry diagnosis—that she saw a best-selling memoir spiraling successfully down my seven chakras. But that’s not what I got.

Instead, Nani drilled me with a diagnosis of a severely blocked third chakra and paralyzing low self-esteem. She told me I was blocked on all levels from my perception of a punishing God born from childhood. That I was saturated in self-doubt and it was squelching my goals. That I was a human doormat and people walked all over me. That my talents would be dormant until I let go of my punishing God.


Shocked, angry and sobbing, I took three days to process it all and finally had to admit that she was dead-on correct.  Damn. Although I didn’t want to hear it. I thought I’d “recovered” my way out of low self-esteem, fear of success and my age old sabotaging ways. But I hadn’t.

I saw other people equaling shocked by Nani’s insights. Some joyously welcomed the news and others hit the road with harsh criticism about Nani’s bedside manner and high prices.  The harshest critics seemed those unwilling to acknowledge any validity about her insights or those highly resistant to change.    

Personally, I wasn’t overly excited to accept my ailing third chakra diagnosis but I’ve arrived at a place in my life where I remain willing to change because the old ways have diminished my life.

I’ve heeded her advice since the Wellness Festival and I’m happy to report her painful insights have been a gift and my third chakra issues are on the mend.  I took her advice about prayer and my book project has made forward motion in the process.  My punishing God and I are coming to terms as well.  I’ve seen amazing things happen to close friends of mine who were equally stunned by her candid but painful observations.

And the whole experience has me going back for more because I’ve learned that spiritual growth doesn’t always feel good and as Nani noted, I’m a glutton for punishment.         

Christel Nani, R.N., Ph.D. revisits Sun Valley from August 12-19 for a series of lectures, workshops and retreast.  See for event times, locations, and to register.


Kristan Kennedy is a freelance journalist who has published in the valley for 17 years and Gallery Director at Wood River Gallery and The Vickers Collection.