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The "What Then" Block & Your Contentment Factor

by Lisa Krueger


I was working with a client of mine a couple days ago when I asked her to stop - stop thinking, stop feeling, stop sensing. Now. Right then and there. And I asked her a simple question:

I want you to name 5 things you want in your life right now.

Immediately we both felt her energy field collapse on itself. I smiled.

"Wow" she said. "Did you notice that?"

I just nodded and told her to go ahead and create that list anyway.

It's very common for someone not to want what they say they do. I've talked about that before and explained why - because we're all big jumbles of paradoxes. In fact, one of the main purposes of our lives is to integrate the unique bundle of paradoxes we each carry.

What this client beautifully demonstrated is that even thinking of asking for what we want can bring those paradoxes to the surface and weaken our energy fields.

Now while there can be many reasons for this happening - be it fear of success, fear of failure, who will I be, what will I have to do/be/give up to get there, and on and on, it was her particular block that I want to discuss.

I call it the "What Then" block.

It was as if on her innermost levels, she had already blown by all the other potential concerns, had managed to get what she had almost said she wanted, and was then stuck with the next step after that.

She was in this place of " What will I do then ?" Not that she was consciously aware of this. Not that any of us are. But it's a fairly common experience.

I want you to think about something you really wanted in your life that you actually got - be it a job, a house, a particular pair of shoes, a trip somewhere, whatever. Write it down here:_____________________________.

Now think about how you felt immediately after you got it and write that down here: _________________________________________________________

Now take a breath and go 2 days to 3 weeks after then, and tell me how you felt about that object then: _____________________________________________

Now take another breath and write down how you felt 6 months to a year later: ______________________________________________________________


If you're like most people, the immediate experience of getting it was like a high - excitement, adrenaline, happiness, fulfillment.

Then, in a couple days to a month or two (depending on how big a thing it was to you and how much it would impact your entire life), you probably felt like you'd fallen off the peak. You may still have been psyched but you probably weren't in the same state as when it happened.

Now check in about six months to a year later and you might not remember what an accomplishment it was to have attained that goal in the first place. It's probably hard for you to conjure up the original excitement of it all and you may even have forgotten about it.

Are you familiar with post-partum depression - when a woman gives birth to a child and then experiences a deep depression afterwards? Or the emotional letdown an athlete training for a big race experiences when he finally finishes it? Or when a couple gets married and a few months later discover the honeymoon is over?

These are all great examples of "What Then".

We accomplished a goal that really mattered to us and we don't know what to do next.

We do, however, have two choices:

The first one is quite easy and encouraged by society: "Do something else and do it now." We're told it's not good enough to get what you wanted. Now we need to get the next thing we want...and we shouldn't delay! This feeds the rampant consumerism and frenetic energy driving most of us today.

What we lose when we take this route is a vital state of being that feeds our energy fields and empowers our lives. That state is contentment .

Which bring us to our second choice:

To savor deeply the experience of satisfaction and contentment resulting from what we just attained.

Sounds easy, doesn't it? But it's not. Because to do this, we need to stop, sit down and truly experience on all levels of our being what it means to have really done it! And at the same time, we have to let go of needing to move on so quickly.

So do it now: Go back to that success you wrote down earlier and try to recreate the moment when it happened. If that's too hard choose a more recent success you've had and use that one. Now notice the following:

(Some of these may be easier for you to answer than others and it's okay to put down "I don't know". You learn how to do this more just by practicing.)

Physical sensations: _____________________________________________

Emotional feelings: ______________________________________________

Mental thoughts: ________________________________________________

How you feel deeply inside (on an energetic level): ________________________________________

What you feel just outside your body (on an energetic level): ________________________________

What you've just described is your Contentment Factor. Your Contentment Factor is the sum of all the energies that allow you to feel good and experience what we call satisfaction. It extends all the way from the deepest levels of your quantum self outward into your connections to everything, everywhere.

Using your common ability to think, feel and sense - and then stretching yourself to perceive just beyond them - you are to experience your achievements at a more subtle level and understand the true impact they have on you.

Knowing this, I want to give you a simple assignment. Think of two goals you want in your life. Yep, do it right now. Then right down two "What Then" blocks for each. Now write down two goals you've achieved fairly recently (and yes, reconciling the checkbook counts too!). After you've done that, find your Contentment Factor for them.

By practicing this you'll find that you experience fewer "What Then" blocks and it's easier to access your Contentment Factor. The process of creating change in your life becomes easier and actually enjoyable.

To your contentment! Lisa

Lisa R. Krueger is an energy expert, intuitive healer and life coach. She is the creator of "The Hummingbird Laughs Free Process(TM)" and the only certified practitioner of The Yuen Method in Idaho. If you have any comments or suggestions, or would like to receive Lisa's free Energy Ezine, articles, teleclasses and more, visit or call her at 578-7979.