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Living the Lesson

by Deborah Cottle

I was blessed several years ago by seeing the Dalai Lama while he was speaking in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I have often reflected on his visit and found inspiration in his words and teachings in books I have read.  The thought has come to me often about my opportunities of traveling to see sacred sites and hear great speakers, I have walked the sacred earth in Hopi Land and have sweat in the ancient lodge in Pipe Springs, to name a few, but I always ask myself one question.  Did I apply, integrate and master what I was taught and make it a part of my daily life, or am I just amusing myself by visiting places and having experiences while waiting to see how they may have changed my life?  How much of what I expose myself to do I allow myself to learn from and make a part of my life?  Or am I like a seamstress with yards and yards of fabric who never finds time to sew, or a mechanic with tools who never fixes a car or builds anything?

I reached a point where I learned to cherish my teachers who ever they were and when ever they showed up, and have deeper learning from each experience than shallow learning from many.  All the lessons in life that exist are taught and available to everyone if we don’t put limits on what it has to look like.  If we make life a study of wonder we will constantly be taught.  When we become stuck in our knowing then no one can teach us.

When we have the divine opportunity to hear someone like the Dalai Lama speak we must realize that this person is a translator of the great mysteries of life and has devoted his entire essence to the mastery of himself by becoming the lesson.  He is an inspiration to all who desire to become more aware of who and what they are.

I work as a facilitator of healing and am often asked by my clients and acquaintances about my “gifts” this is usually followed by the question “Do you think I could possibly learn how to do this?”  I can honestly look them in the eye and say “Spirit gives equally to everyone.  It is up to you if you want to develop the discipline to master the abilities that reside within.”  I truly believe the choice is yours.  


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