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Our Hearts and Prayers are with our Beloved Starman in Boise, as he heroically recovers from his recent car accident! We love you DREW!!!!!!!!


In Transit

by Drew Chittenden


When the person in front of you in line for coffee says “I just can’t give an acceptance speech tomorrow, Mercury is going retrograde in my third house” he is talking about transits. Transits are what makes life so interesting. Transits are when planets in the sky make contact with points in your natal chart.

Say, for example, you were born when the sun was at 10 degrees of Leo. Saturn right now is close to the same spot, so we say Saturn is transiting your sun. Good luck with that by the way, you might want to give me a call. Transiting planets also have an effect when they form an aspect with natal planets, and the effect will vary depend on which house they are going through at the time. So, to understand just what kind of energy planets in the sky are sending to your natal planets, you will need two things: First, of course, would be your natal chart, and the other is knowing where the planets are at any given moment, which is actually pretty easy.

Seeing as how it is already October, you’re probably thinking about next years calendar, so go to the bookstore and get an astrological calendar. It looks pretty much like all the others, but it also has charts in the back that plot each planet’s movements for the entire year. Now, with these two pieces of information you can plot your own transits.

Would you like some examples as to how this can be helpful? Many years ago I had a special friend who every so often would pick a fight for no apparent reason. After a few months I noticed that this happened every time the moon went into Capricorn. Well in her case the moon in Capricorn lit up her business and organization issues, which were both a mess, so we bought some filing cabinets, a new rolodex, and a desk, then we cleaned and organized her new office and next month when the moon went into Capricorn, it was all good.

On another day I went into a local business only to find the people at the front desk had reached a new level of incompetence. This made me so mad that I had an embarrassing outburst in public. After I regained some composure I apologized and then left, but the whole scene was completely out of character, I’m a pretty laid back Starman. What I discovered was at that moment Mars in the sky was exactly on top of my natal sun. A Mars/sun transit indicates a time when you might want to watch your temper, duh. It was also the last time I checked my transits after, rather than before, they hit. So if you are grasping the meanings of planets, signs, houses and aspects, now you can apply those meanings to your own transits. If there is some weirdness going on in your life that makes absolutely no sense, check your transits, or better yet, try to plot them ahead of time and watch the results.


October & November Forecast

Now for the astrological forecast for October/November. Hang on to something (or someone) its going to get bumpy. October starts right off with a new moon solar eclipse in Libra on the 3rd. I hope you used last months Virgo energy to get organized because its all about messy relationships now. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter all in Libra really want everybody to just get along, but the focus is still relationships, and with Venus in emotional and intense Scorpio opposite Mars in stubborn Taurus issues are going to get discussed or else. However it also looks like you better save your strength because the really intense part is going to be the making up afterwards. The full Moon on the 17th is also an eclipse, but now the Moon is in Aries and it’s one corner of a grand trine with Venus in Sagittarius and Saturn in Leo, all fire signs, so while the focus is still on relationships, were done talking: What have you done for me lately? Great time for a road trip.


All Saints Day

Here in the West we don’t have an official day to honor our ancestors like most cultures. All Saints Day on November 1st is as close as it gets, so that is our featured chart. It’s also the day of the Scorpio new moon, and the start of what appears to be a very turbulent fall/winter. Jupiter joins the Sun and Moon in Scorpio, bringing an intense need for the truth. It’s also just one corner of a grand square featuring Neptune, Mars and Saturn. This configuration is about learning lessons the hard way. The key is to learn the lessons so you don’t have to retake the test. Saturn in Leo emboldens us to stand up for what we believe to be right no matter what. Mars in Taurus is just plain stubborn, not a lot of compromise going on, and Neptune thinks we should just go have a drink or ten. If you’re going to the Casino take back-up. This is really an action orientated configuration and it’s going to be with us into the new year, the key is going to be balance, it’s going to be a lot like skiing moguls: be alert, bend your knees and try to plan ahead.

Mercury goes retrograde again November14 through December 3rd, so plan ahead. If you are prepared you can have a laugh when things just won’t go right. Besides, Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius is a great time to review, recheck and finish up travel plans, so if you start them now your timing will be perfect. And always remember what the Dalai Lama says, “if you want to make someone happy be compassionate, if you want to make yourself happy be compassionate”.

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