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My Blog

I raise in Muntinlupa for 18 years of my life. I went to a public school during my elementary days and to a private Catholic school where I spent my secondary life. I became a favorite and a teacher's enemy then; did good and bad things, joined contests unvoluntarily, ran for candidancy, won major positions in some organizations and fell in love. I went to a computer school, took an engineering course and dropped.

I do enjoy lots of things - music, guitars, cars, Final Fantasy, movies, food and computers. I like to travel, going to places I have never been. Music makes me feel good. I like acoustic ones - either old or new. The same thing when it comes to movies. I watched all types of it. I am also very fond of cars. They drive me crazy. RPGs are also my weakness. I am head over heels with Final Fantasy series. Eating is my favorite of all.I am very much enjoy doing it. I like flavored ones and sweets. Then, most of all, computers. I like programming. I always wonder how softwares are made, and also websites. I am still learning but alas, I can made one.

I am naughty in my own little way. I am snob; been an accomplice and a mastermind. I don't usually greet people. No, it doesn't mean that I don't like them. It's just, I am not fond of greeting people.

I once dreamt being a priest. Though it is no longer my dream, I can still serve God in my own way. I just dream to be successful in all my endeavours and build my own family with my fiancee.

-Russell P. Teves
ADIT student