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The Name

"SIMPLE CARES" because we need to live our life in a simple manner. Now a days, we are too preoccupied with so many things: job, money, security, bills, prestige, etc, that we completely fail to see the beauty of life.

Life in its simplest form enables us to appreciate the "free" things that our God has so abudantly given us. The concerns of our everyday living blur completely these simple things in life that can give us genuine joy, peace, and fulfillment in life.

And so with this, "SIMPLE CARES" has been born. It gives us different categories that will guide us in everything we do, that will help us to appreciate things in life and that will direct our ways for good.

The Logo

The butterfly symbolizes the metamorphosis that occur in every man. Just like the butterfly which goes through a wondrous change from an ugly catterpillar to a cocoon to a beautiful butterfly, man constantly undergoes changes through his lifetime: in body, mind and spirit. Man is the embodiment of everything that is wonderful in his life. And so as the man changes, he becomes wiser, and as he becomes wiser, he needs guidance for everything he does and in every stage he engages.