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As a local government agency, Charlotte County’s purchasing techniques are made in accordance with the Code of Virginia and referred to as public purchasing.  In 1999, the county implemented a system of central accounting.  An internal part of the County’s system is the policies and procedures applicable to purchasing supplies, equipment, materials and commodities. The Purchasing Agent, an authorized agent of the Board of Supervisors, subject to such exceptions as the Board may allow, shall make all purchases for the county and its departments, officers and agents.  An intricate part of the Purchasing Agent’s responsibilities is utilizing e-procurement procedures in promoting competitiveness.  The State of Virginia and technology have made these resources readily available worldwide over the Internet.


  Purchase Limit Requirements


The following requirements are applicable to all purchases except those governed by “Special Situations”:


“Special Situations” are situations, which a blanket purchase can be used to purchase stock items for replenishment purposes such as janitorial supplies, equipment repairs, emergency purchases, and Professional Services not expected to exceed $30,000.


Up to $3,000 Per Item: 

For goods and services, the County does not have any requirements.  Split purchases to avoid going over the $3,000 limit will not be allowed.


$3,000 to $30,000:

Three written quotations from possible suppliers must be obtained. 


$30,000 or more:

The Virginia Public Procurement Act (Code of Virginia, Section 11-35 et seq.)shall be followed unless authorized by the Board of Supervisors.  This is a formal bidding process required in an effort to not eliminate competition.








What is EVA?



EVA is an electronic procurement portal created by the State of Virginia for use by buyers and vendors.  Buyers can register on-line for free participation and vendors can join by registering and paying a small fee.  Additional information can be obtained at 


Advantages of using EVA – BUYER


            Q        Faster and Easier

G                 One-Stop Shopping

&            On-line Catalog Reference and Buying

&            Accessible to More Products and Services

&            Larger Vendor Pool

&            Best Value Purchasing Judgments

9             Only Requires Internet Access to Participate

+             More Responses to RFP’s and IFB’s

J               Enhances Business Competition (Saves Money!)

 F          Training Information for Buyers and Vendors

F       Generates Customized Activity Reports for Buyers


Using State Contracts


Buyers can eliminate the competitive bidding process in a lot of instances by purchasing from state contracts.  Justification for localities to eliminate this process is because the state has already procured these products and services through competitive negotiation.  To search for items on Virginia’s State Contracts, please visit and type in a description of what you are procuring.  The contract is posted for your review with additional vendor contact information. 




If a buyer is seeking competitive negotiation for items over $30,000, he or she is required to advertise in a local paper servicing the area for two consecutive weeks.  Another means of expanding the competitive negotiation search is to post the advertisement on the EVA website.  Information for posting advertisements on this site can be obtained on  Other portals are available on this site for obtaining small purchase quotations by using “Quick Quote” which communicates your request to the registered vendor pool and they usually respond within 72 hours.  I use this site frequently and have saved from $2.00 to $15,000 on a single procurement item.












If you are a Procurement Professional or are involved in local purchasing, please make plans to attend the 2005 ConnecTech Purchasing Conference to be held at the Charlotte County Administrator’s Office located at 250 LeGrande Ave, Suite A, in Charlotte Court House, VA.  Please call Susan Adams (434) 542-5117 for additional information and/or registration.


Dr. Deal from ODU will be our Guest Speaker during the Vendor Expo at the conference!










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