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The club mascot is the Polar Bear, and the reason that we have chosen this is because our training is done in the cold waters of the Port Pirie Swimming Pool. Our club colours are navy blue and sky blue. The Port Pirie Swimming Club was formed many years ago, but before our current name the club was known as the Broken Hill Associated Smelter Swimming Club because workers at the local lead smelting plant had children that liked to compete at swimming carnivals.

We train at the Port Pirie Public Swimming Pool on Mary Elie Street. The swimming pool is situated across the road from Memorial Oval and next to the Youth Centre. The time that we start our training is at 5:30 pm and we finish at 7:00 pm, but some of the lower squads train from 5:30 pm to 6:15pm or from 6:15 pm to 7:00 pm. The higher squads train for the full hour and a half.


The Pool

Why we do it?

The reason we swim is to keep our fitness levels up, to meet new friends, to compete against swimmers from other towns and cities,
but the main reason we swim is because IT IS FUN!!


A survey was given to club members from different squads. Below are the responses from that survey

Do you enjoy swimming as a sport? Yes: 6 No: 1
How long have you been swimming? Averages from about 3 years to 20 years
What are your preferred strokes? Freestyle: Backstroke: Breaststroke: Butterfly:
What is your preferred distance? Short: 5 Long: 3
Why do you keep swimming?

- To keep fit

- For the fun