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My Photo Album!

Welcome to my virtual photo album!

Here you will find photos from my trips around the world. I have held a Koala, fed kangaroos, petted a cheetah and seen whales swim. I have seen snow-capped mountains in Canada, Alaska, South Africa, and New Zealand. I've been lucky enough to walk the rolling hills and rocky cliffs of Scotland, Australia and the gentle, rolling hills of England.More recently I sampeld the delights of the mediterranean in Italy, Greece, Turkey & Spain.

I have swam in the beautiful, warm South Pacific and experienced the smell of tropical flowers in Tahiti and Bora Bora and the Cook Islands too. I've enjoyed the warm waters and white sand beaches of Venezeuala, many Caribbean Islands and Mexican ports. I've also walked in the footsteps of the Czars in palaces in Russia, Poland and Estonia and enjoyed the cities of Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo. Paris and Holland were delightful and Germany is wonderful!

My work with Princess as an Onboard Sales Manager continues and I was very lucky to be chosen for the set-up of the New Emerald Princess in March 2007. We sailed to 18 different ports in the Mediterranean including stops in Venice, Rome, Barcelona, Naples, Croatia, Istanbul and 6 stops in the Greek Isles plus other ports! scroll down for this link

In these links you will find these stories and memories, and I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I have enjoyed taking them! You will also find a link to my Masters Thesis abstract, not for the faint of heart.

I have also had a bit of fun with this and plan to give "anchor" ratings to my destinations and travels...example, I rate tahiti 5 anchors out of 5, but Canada & New England just 3 anchors...

"Travel hopefully...Every place you visit is like a surprise package to be opened. Untie the strings with an expectation of adventure"

At the southernmost point in New Zealand

NEW! The Mediterranean on Emerald Princess, 2007

The Gorgeous Amalfi Coast of Italy

Copenhagen to New York, Star 2006

Cruising somewhere off the coast of Greenland

Cruising Canada & New England

NEW! Repositioning to the Caribbean...Bahamas and the Turks & Caicos


NEW! Christmas & New Years 2006

Steve & I New Years Eve

NEW! Star Princess fire photos

NEW! Views From the Desk

A collection of views from my desk!

NEW! Salty Sailor Sea photos

A collection of rough sea photos!


Safari to South Africa, March 2002

Crossing the South Pacific, Diamond 2006

Diamond in Sydney, Australia

England 2006 & the new house

Paris in the Spring

Steve & I in Paris

Cruising Scandinavia & Russia

Catherine's palace, St. Petersburg

"Travel fearlessly...the world and its people to you just as you belong to the world"

Crossing the Atlantic 2005

"Travel with an open mind...leave your prejudices at home"

My trip to England, April 2005

"Travel with is not how far you go, but how deeply you go that matters"

Southern & Western Caribbean on the Dawn Princess PLUS Acapulco on the Diamond Princess

"Travel takes time to understand others, especially if there are language and cultural barriers"

Tahiti & French Polynesia on the Tahitian Princess

"Travel appreciation for the many things that are being done by others for your enjoyment and comfort"

Working on a Cruise favorite photos

"Travel slowly...Jet planes are for geting places and not seeing places, take the time to absorb the beauty and insipration of a mountain"

Adventure down-under in Australia 2003

"Travel with Imagination...Travel through the eyes of a child"

Tropical paradise in the Cook Islands, February 2003

"Travel relaxed...Make up your mind to have a good time. Let go"

Life in New Zealand, February - November, with NEW! photos from Fiordland and Penguins 2003

"Travel humbly...Visit people and places with reverence and respect for their traditions and ways of life"

Exploring New Zealand: My Contiki Tour from Christchurch to Auckland, November 2003

My stop-over in Honolulu after my contiki tour

Cruising on the Vision of the Seas to Hawaii, September 2002

Alaska on the Vision of the Seas, 2001 & 2002

"Travel with the spirit of a world citizen. You will discover that people are basically the same the world around. Be an ambassador of goodwill to all people, all nations and all races."

My Masters of Tourism Thesis abstract and acknowledgements

also somewhat hilarious are the tales of my friend as he trades things for, well, other things, as he travels around the world. he is working for "Right To Play", an organization that helps children play in refugee and third world areas. He has been in Namibia and Palestine, among others. The game is called "Bigger and better", and thus he aquires something and tardes it as he travels. You can check it out here. His latest quest is writing for a Toronto magazine called Verve, in which he is searching for a Blue Whale, only the biggest and best thing you can ever get.

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again! You never know when I will be adding to it!

In Nassau, Bahamas with the Majesty and Voyager, 2002

Angel Party, Viking Serenade, 2000 (has it been that long??)

and just because I thought this was such a cool photo...the P & O Arcadia in some rough seas

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Mount Cook



Spring in Dunedin

The West Coast of New Zealand

University pictures

The International Ball