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Message Boards and Online Communities

Highly and Profoundly Gifted Boards
Highly Gifted Support Board

    This message board, founded by members of Precocious and Prodigious, addresses the needs of highly (but not necessarily profoundly) gifted children in school or at home.
Precocious and Prodigious

    This message board, for parents and educators of profoundly gifted children, is a gold mine for parents whose child is significantly different from the norm. Share stories, ask advice, and see what others have done for their child's education.
General Gifted Message Boards

    Advanced Preschoolers

    Hosted by iVillage, this message board is great for general issues dealing with gifted children of all ranges from babies through kindergarten age.

Gifted School-Age Children

    This site, also hosted by iVillage, addresses the needs of gifted children (all ranges) who are of school age.

    Gifted Child

    A final iVillage board with focus on gifted children and toddlers 0-5.

Find Friends
    The Gift of G.A.B.

    An affiliate of Precocious and Prodigious, this board is dedicated to "anyone with an interest in gifted issues (any level) who wants to discuss those, or anything else that comes to mind." Discussions, though often far-ranging, loop back to giftedness often.

    The Highly Gifted Las Vegas Parent Support Group

    This Las Vegas group comprises parents whose children have been identified as HG through Clark County School District. The group provides information and support and advocates for gifted education in CCSD. Contact Mary Cimo, the group's leader.