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Name: Kiwi Do
Gender: Male

Interests: That Special Sum1
Expertise: Sleeping in class
Occupation: Retired
Industry: Nonprofit

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Member Since: 8/12/2004

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

finals week then back to school again next week baloney

Monday, January 10, 2005

huh keith u crumb bum....i say we go back to LA earlier next time to browse for chicks....8 p.m. in the rain is not a bright idea....i come over tomorrow to wake u up with my dirty socks....was gonna send u into bankruptcy but u had to quit in monopoly ya quitter...time to sleep and have a wonderful dream....

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Hate me that much eh Boo...can't leave comment in chatterbox now lol j/k got test tomorrow hope luck is on my side lol....been late to class everyday need to go early tomorrow think the professor is catching on to my name now ouch...been raining everyday for the past week and even the coffee is not keeping me awake in that guy's class....history have got to be the most useless thing that you can do offense keith....ya future history teacher wannabee haha...u need to go to sign in for gym and cancel the contract keith if not they'll make u join for real...hmmm no gurls are online...gonna go study now yeah rite haha...

Sunday, December 19, 2004

finished all shopping tired yesterday with all the moving and crap...goodnite sleep tonight and hopefully an excited day tomorrow...i need the break hehe....need to withdraw cash tomorrow and we're all set...i'll honk the horn real loud outside your house real loud if you're still sleeping tomorrow hung lol...would take u along phu but dont want  ur sis and boba coming and hung were her only true friends and she lost our friendships...ur sis do nothing but pisses me off and annoy me and hurt hung...dont got the patience to sit thru another of her damn pms moments...and i no hung got the urge to sock u in the face if he sees u rather not see that happen....ur sis wanted me to stay out of her business and she's bugging the hell out of me calling me talking about dumb shit....just finished blocking her and boba best thing that happened to me this week....sorrie boba knowing kieu when she can't contact me she'll tell u to talk to me 2 see wat's up which will just annoy me more so yeah...well have fun with ur friends

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Stupid day

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