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South Bend, Indiana, May 7 ¡X Like a band of high-speed gypsies, the remaining cars of the 2005 One Lap of America tour descended on Tire Rack headquarters today, unpacked, filled the air with smoke and noise, and before you could say ¡§vulcanized rubber,¡¨ they were packed up and gone, leaving an empty parking lot and indelible memories in their wake.

This was homecoming for the ¡¦05 Lap, which kicked off here one week ago with a time trial on Tire Rack¡¦s skidpad, thoroughly moistened for the occasion.

For the finale, the skidpad was dry, a good thing for cars that had burned through most of their tire tread during the course of the week, a description that applied to a substantial percentage of the field.

The official skidpad runs were followed by a free form drifting session staged by some of the top finishers, who were invited to do essentially whatever they wanted in the way of sideways driving, spins, and other antics conceived to amuse the small crowd of visitors gathered for the event.

so good

When the smoke and fumes of the skidpad finale had dissipated, and the points were tallied, Mark DaVia had nailed down his second consecutive championship.

This was hardly unexpected. Blending speed with consistency and first-rate preparation, DaVia had rolled into the overall lead by day four, and came into the final skidpad run needing only a 17th-place performance to hold off Brian Smith¡¦s Dodge Viper for the title.

His 6th-place performance was more than good enough to lock up the championship, 70 points ahead of Smith.