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Because I was asked to do this and it sounded better than studying for finals lol...

Here were the things worth remembering from our awesome '04-'05 school year

Roomie love, all of the alcohol consumed (cheap vodka and boxed wine), awesome friends who like to puke in your kitcken sink, L.S.A, the backstreet boy, THOSE BITCHES!, george bush sucks, george bush kicks ass!, kevin lyttle-turn me up-turn me on (over and over), random road trips, what happens when your friends leave u to go to the bathroom, skankalicious skankballs, arms, scotty loves me, beer goggles, oakland manor, skydiving!, uncle jessie, the night i outdrank pam, french-canadian hookers (oui-oui!), everyone looks like SHIT today, getting proposed to twice in one night, erica's drunken pot luck tsunami story, boxed wine, random visits almost every weekend and just something about pitt when my friends visit, classy wine and cheese date parties (and ending up in a pile on the bathroom floor), the shocker (dont touch me!), japanese street fashion night, canada (canneberg, william mckinnley, spooning, dale do you have a hangggooveerrr?, and of course-i took a diveeee!), new years (enough said), jake gyllenhall, princesses from 3rd world countries, high fives!, waking up to find erica in my bed almost every morning (hm...), all of oakland minus 10, knocking the walls down, fuck forgot the fucking turtle!, phil from philly, drawing on passed out people, SLAP BAG!, tonight im going out...WITH YOUR MOM, s-s-speech p-p-pathologist-being f*cking sticky-surprise parties, the shins concert and the dangers of crowd surfing, roy, "im like a and italian! holla at me girl!"

I'm sure there's more, so just let me know and I'll add them.