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Quaker Blogs!

What are other Quakers thinking about? Plain dress, the FGC conference, activism,
what's happening to the Quaker faith, and anything you can name. Read on!

"Can You Believe?"

"I have never found just war arguments persuasive, maybe for the same reason I doubt that chastened patriotism actually exists to a meaningful degree. And the reason isn't that I'm too idealistic. Quite the opposite.

Of the Best Stuff, but Cracked

"Maybe this is what I am doing in my writing: encountering and dispersing Light in a refracted form. But what if I am disatisfied with refracted Light? What if I feel a need to meet the Light in its pure unfiltered form and pass it on just as I have recieved it? Is this real desire for the Truth about God, or is this pride?"

Confessions of an EarthQuaker

"A journey of spiritual seeking. Gandalf says, 'Not all who wander are lost,' but in this case, it seems likely that the wanderer is pretty disoriented..."