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The Las Vegas Quakers Homepage

Welcome to the home of the Las Vegas Quakers!

We are a small group of Quakers
who meets for unprogrammed silent worship each
First Day (Sunday) at 10:45 AM in room 1
First Christian Church, 101 S. Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89106.

NOTE: Please don't send mail to this address, though.

Contact us: (702) 262-1656 or email our webservant.

We have served the Clark County area since 1993, and we're trying to grow!

Children are welcome to attend!


We worship in silence
so we can hear the voice of God.

We practice nonviolence
to honor that of God in everyone.

We believe in peace in a time of war
and in all times.

All are welcome!

We warmly welcome all friends, all Friends, and anyone interested,
even if you've never attended a Quaker meeting before.



The Agenda and Minutes Page

Want to know what was covered on the agenda for previous First Days?

Couldn't make it to meeting and wanted to know what the Sense of the Meeting was?

Please click here for previous agendas and our minutes!

If you would like to add something to our upcoming agenda,
please email our webservant.


The Newsletter!

Read our latest Las Vegas Quakers Newsletter

The Message Board!

We now have our own

Message Board!
Follow the link below by clicking the Yahoo icon to join our message board. Talk to each other, add your info to the database, and keep in touch!

Click here
Click here to join quakerslv
to join quakerslv

First Day School

For our little Quakes 3 and up!
We sing, do crafts, read stories to spark the imagination, gently teach Quaker testimonies, and have fun.

Click here for more info!


Quaker Blogs!

Keep in touch with other Quakers across the nation and the world!

Click here!

Inland Valley Friends

is now ONLINE!

Click the link to read about
Inland Valley Monthly Meeting!

Our Meeting

The Las Vegas Worship group is under the care of
Inland Valley Monthly Meeting, Southern California Quarterly Meeting,

and Pacific Yearly Meeting.

Other (somewhat) nearby groups include...

Reno Friends Meeting
Tempe Friends Meeting
Tucson Friends Meeting


More About Quakers

What Do Quakers Believe?

In some ways, it's easier to describe what Quakers don't believe than it is to describe what they do! If you'd like a full description, see our Faith and Practice Page, but the short version is this:

Quaker Facts and FAQs

What do Quakers actually believe or do?

Quaker Faith and Practice Page

Are Quakers the same as Shakers or the Amish?

Many Kinds of Friends

How do Quakers raise their children?

Books for Young (and older) Friends

Are there Quaker message boards?

Talk to a Quaker!

Question: When does Quaker service begin?

Answer: Right after the meeting.

American Friends Service Committee

Can I read articles about Quakers?

Friends Journal


Still interested? You're welcome to join us.


Interesting General Links!

Good Reads:

Las Vegas City Life Columnnist
Joshua Ellis

Listening to the Light - Great intro to Quaker thought!


Good Deeds:

Radio for Peace International

Opportunity Village

Safe Nest Domestic Violence Shelter

Homeless Shelters in Nevada

Friends of Red Rock Canyon

Nevada Desert Experience
Pacifists against nuclear weapons

Good Kids:

The Case Against Spanking

Gentle Discipline

Las Vegas' Family to Family Connection
-Helping good people become better parents!


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Contact us at (702) 262-1656 or email Our webservant

Last updated: First Month, 2008