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The Lancer Evolution

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The hottest production car in Japan today is not a sports car, it's not even a 2-door. It's a boxy sedan with muscular bulges, an incredibly potent turbocharged engine and performance to rival the likes of Porsche 911s. The Lancer Evolution VI is a high-strung all-wheel-drive apex-clipper that's based on Mitsubishi's 4 time world championship winning rally car. It isn't a particularly large car with an overall length about the same as a Toyota Corolla at 171.3 in. Its 140hp/litre, 1997cc engine is coupled to a titanium alloy turbine turbocharger that delivers 17 psi of boost, which enables the 3000lb sedan to scorch the pavement to 60mph in 4.3 seconds and to reach the 1/4 mile mark in 13. A large air intercooler in the bumper coupled with a manually engaged water spray cooler help the Evo, well, stay cool. Even without the spray, Car and Driver managed a 5.1 second time to 60 mph while in a similar test Motor Trend produced a time of 4.3 seconds.