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Skin Care                       Hostess get 10% off purchase and free gift up to $75 dollars

In this class I will show you and the class the proper technique in how to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, and moisturize.  You will take a skin quiz at the beginning of class that allows me to to determine if you are a dry, combination, oily, or problematic skin type.  After the test analysis each client will receive there own customized products to meet there needs. Together as a class I will teach the proper technique for your individualized facial.  At the end of each session question and answer will be available.  Products are available to purchase at the party.


Nails                                            Hostess gets 10% off purchase

In this class we will soak, trim, and buff your fingernails with the pampered hand set. The Mary Kay manicure class will teach you the technique of cleansing, exfoliation, filing and painting your nails. As always 100's of nail colors will be at your fingertips.   The class will teach basics of fingernail hygiene and making your manicure more healthy and  long lasting. 


Cosmetic Class                    Hostess gets 10% off purchase and free gift up to $75 dollars

In this class your party decides if they would like a day/evening look.  I will decide what colors work best for your skin tone and apparel.  I will take you through how to apply foundation, eye make up, blush, and lipstick.  Together as a team we can accomplish what look we are trying to achieve. 


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