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Why is crippled a derogatory term it simply means unable to walk or walking with a limp. Disabled is a derogatory term it means un-abled, incapable its a PC way of saying you cant do anything when everyone has specific things they cant do why label some one who cant walk as disabled when crippled just means you cant walk or without help , people need to take back crippled and not take offence yes you cant walk but anyone anywhere may become crippled at anytime so not generalise and say people are disable when they are fully able to do what ever they want but just cant walk , crippled is not an insult more a explanation that you cant walk if a horse cant walk it is crippled if a tiger is shot in the foot it is crippled be proud of the fact you can think not be disabled political correctness sucks be proud you are not disabled you are just crippled unfortunately but still able to do everything anyone else can do if you have any question contact me on