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Greenwich Computing envisages a level of IT User Skills which will enable businesses throughout the whole of the economy to fully exploit IT technologies for optimum business performance, competitive edge and productivity. To achieve this, our mission is to understand, articulate and lead action to address employers' needs for IT User Skills in both the current and the potential workforce. The following are all cross-sector projects that are currently underway or have recently been completed. Business Case for IT (BCIT) The BCIT project seeks to establish "the compelling reason to act", demonstrating the case for the exploitation of IT through practical case study examples in five target sectors. These examples will show relevent, inspiring stories of companies realising business benefit from investment in IT and in skills in its use. The five SSCs involved in the joint project with the support of e-skills UK are ConstructionSkills, LANTRA, SEMTA, Skillfast-UK and Skillset. Go to

Make IT Work

The Make IT Work business support website, a prototype developed as part of the Road Map of Support project, was launched on 30th September 2004. The project was undertaken by e-skills UK on behalf of the Skills for Business Network. Its aim was to address the growing employer need for an essential point of reference to support the skills needs of small and medium sized businesses. Go to e-skills Passport e-skills Passport is a nationally recognised way to assess your current IT skills, set goals for improvement, and find the right training and qualifications. It is the new employer-recognised method to create an ongoing record of your IT skills that you can update and monitor on a regular basis. Go to e-skills into Business(ESiB) ESiB is an easy to use online business improvement programme for small to medium sized enterprises. The programme enables businesses to become more competitive and improve their "bottom line" performance through the development and effective use of IT, e-business and management skills in-house. Go to

Work Based e-Learning

Work based e-learning aims to demonstrate to employers and employer bodies how e-learning, in its broadest sense, can contribute to the development of skills and improved business performance. Read more... Exploitation of IT This project aims to help companies in all sectors realise the potential of IT for increasing business performance and productivity. This will be achieved through the development of a new web-based 'framework of action' - an employer-oriented methodology targeted at companies wanting to resolve business issues or capitalise on opportunities through the implementation and effective exploitation of IT.

Course code:C943748

Start date:September12, 2005

End date:March31, 2006

Duration:6 months