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The Auto 306 vacuum coating system is designed for research, development and pre-production coating in all branches of industry, including electronics and surface science.

Using a proven high quality vacuum system and a simple, yet sophisticated range of well engineered modular deposition accessories, developed in close collaboration with users, the Auto 306 keeps pace with current process developments and anticipates tomorrow's needs.

Electron beam evaporation
Control Panel
Six position evaporation heat source
Technologies that can be applied on AUTO 306 System:
  1. Electron Beam Evaporation
  2. Magnetron Sputtering
  3. Substrate Heating
  4. Plasma Cleaning, and many others.


RV Rotary Vacuum Pumps

0.9 to 32.3 mh
weight : 21-27 kg
Motor Power : 250-450 W
Inlet/Outlet connection : NW25

Turbomolecular Pumping System  
EXPF12 with
EXT351 and RV12 plus triple display Active Gauge Controller, frame mounted
EXPB4 with
diaphragm pump, and triple display Active Gauge Controller, baseplate mounted
With EXT70 and
E2M 1.5 baseplate mounted
Diffstak Combined Units
Edward's D-Lab Diaphragm Pump
E-Lab 2 Vacuum Pump


Active Gauges  

The Edwards Active Gauge Displays are a range of simple, low cost units for the measurement and control of vacuum from atmosphere to 10 mbar. They are designed for use with Edwards Active Pirani, thermocouple and inverted magnetron gauges and therefore give the user the unrivalled performance, flexibility and ease of use of this new generation of vacuum instruments.
Active Gauge Controllers
Range: Atmosphere to 2X10 mbar
Wide Range Gauge
Range: Atmosphere to 10 mbar
Active Gauge Displays
Active Pirani Gauges
Range: Atmosphere to 10 mbar