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    1. The fiction must center Buffy and Spike as the main characters (as this is a Spuffy site!). However, William/Elizabeth and Joan/Randy are also eligible. Other pairings may also be included in the fic so long as Buffy and Spike are the
    central characters.
    Note: As long as the main focus of the fiction you wish to nominate is centered around the Spuffy relationship, and there is no emphasis on either Buffy or Spike in another romantically inclined relationship for any length of time that is not essential to the plot, then other friendship pairings may also be considered for nomination. However, we retain the right not to accept the nomination if we feel it does not meet the proper requirements to be nominated on this site. This is a Spuffy site, therefore the fiction must be about Spike and Buffy. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning this rule.

    2. Please make sure stories are nominated in the correct categories.

    3. Please make sure the nomination form is filled out correctly and completely with accurate information. Email
    notifications are sent out to all author’s who have been nominated so correct email addresses are essential.

    4. A fic can be nominated in up to 3 categories (this doesn’t include best author)

    5. An author can only have up to three fics nominated per category.

    6. Categories must have at least three fics nominated in them for a winner to be announced. Categories which do not
    meet this limit will have their nominees carried over to the next round.

    7. There is a limit to 15 nominations per category. After this limit has been reached, nominations for that category will
    no longer be accepted.

    8. Once a fic has won an award (whether winner or runner-up) it is no longer eligible to be nominated under the same category in another round.

    9. Fics must be accessible to all judges. Therefore fics posted in groups (such as Yahoo Groups) are not eligible as
    not all judges will have access to them. For this reason please ensure the URL filled out on the nomination form is a
    direct link to the story and not the author’s site.

    10. Fics do not have to be complete to be nominated unless they are entering into the Best Short or Long Story
    category. These must be complete.

    11. In the box that says, did you read the rules? Put ‘scoobies’

    12. Any nominations that do not follow the rules will be deleted.

    13. If you have any questions regarding the rules, questions can be emailed to either Spuffyfan, Faded_memories or
    The Sarge

    Enjoy guys!