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I WANT TO BE A...Health Specialties Teacher, Postsecondary


A health specialties teacher, postsecondary, is a college professor who teaches courses such as veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, therapy, laboratory technology, and public health to students aspiring to pursue careers in health related fields. In 2002, out of 1.6 million postsecondary teachers employed, health specialties teachers held 86,000 positions.

Responsibilties of a Health Specialties Teacher

1. Directing research of other teachers or graduate students working for advanced academic degrees.

2. Serving on faculty committee providing professional consulting services to government and industry.

3. Acting as adviser to student organizations.

4. Conductimg research in particular field of knowledge and publishes findings in professional journals.

5. Advising students on academic and vocational curricula.

6. Preparing and delivering ectures to students.

7. Compiling bibliographies of specialized materials for outside reading assignments.

8. Stimulating class discussions.

9. Compiling, administering, and grading examinations, or assigning this work to others.

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