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BABY FAT: 12-27-04

I've noticed that alot of people like leather. and im not talking about sexual reasons. i mean just as in wallets, shoes, belts, bags, hats and pants. and who blames them. its good quality shit. plus its very soft and smooth. smooth at times like a babies butt. so heres my idea. we start makin things from baby skin. now dont back away yet theres more. we wont have to hunt down babies. we can just take aborted fetuses from abortion clinics. with that we can make even softer wallets and shoes becuase the placenta is still on it. you ever here of baby phat? well im gonna have baby fat. only diffrence is the fact its made from real baby fat. who wouldnt like grabbin for there credit card in there caucasion baby skin wallet. or maybe you want a black pair of dress shoes. who wouldnt mind slippin on a pair of african baby skin loafers. and we dont have to stop there how about baby skin pants for kids. it'll be like werein nothin at all. or how about a gucci baby skin handbag for the women. and with this the problem with abortion will disapear. people will have sex on monday and unload there fetus two weeks later. it'll be like donating sperm only its sperm that have grown a little.