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--Events (Access) - Attraction Database is a database that allows the user to find a suitable attraction in Malaysia by ------ sssssssssssssssssssssssssearching by attraction name, date, price, city/state, etc...

--Weather (Excell) - Temperature Workbook is a workbook that displays the temperature for the main states/cities in --------------------------Malaysia between 5/2/2005 and 5/6/2005.

-------------- -----------Interactive -Temperature Workbook is an interactive version of the same workbook, which allows -------------------------------the viewer to edit and test the elements in the work book "Temperature.xls."

--Malaysian Tourism (Power Point) - This power point details tourism in Malaysia and introduces two popular ----------------------------------------------------tourist locations Tourism Power Point, and the original file Tourism.ppt.
--Malaysia Tourism (Video) - is a source for videos showing some of Malaysia's ------------------------------------great locations and events. Also, a video on the Kuala Lumpur monorail system ----------m--------------------------------
--General Information (Front Page) - The Text Page gives a reasonably brief collection of General Information on -------------------------------------------------Malaysia, and also a brief history of Malaysia linked to a more extensive --------------------------------------------------- collection of both.
--Work Cited (Front Page) - The sources I used for this project are all in my Works Cited.


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