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Our low resistance hull and cabin is designed to power into big seas, turn around in severe conditions and even take it on the stern in rough waters. We utilize the under deck space ahead of the engine for our 112 gallon tank. This system empties to the last drop and can provide up to 2000 nautical miles of travel. We use industrial diesels such as Kubota's as they fit our systems and "marinize" better than the commercial options available. The gears are rated at around 50 hp and at our 6k speed and less than  1/2 gallon per hour probably use 8-9 hp of the capacity. Our 1 1/4 shafting and 17" 3 blade bronze Michigan wheel complete the propulsion system. These components are substantial and trouble free. 


Our steering system is reliable and effective, with a Morse cable with wheel and stern is a hinged tiller. The two tend to dampen each other so on many courses and in most conditions steering tends to take care of itself. In all situations steering is very easy and precise. This system has worked successfully with Auto-Pilot systems which can also be installed. Taken in total this combination is probably the most convenient, effective, responsive and reliable system on the water today. 


The keel cooled engine with the dry exhaust is fundamental in most commercial boats and an increasing number of pleasure boats. This system circulates engine coolant thru copper tubing on the outside of hull. The engines coolant circulating pump provides the motive force thus eliminating the raw water pump and allot of problems inherent in raw water cooled systems. 

This system provides 185 degree, F, water for cabin heat and doesn't freeze and break in cold weather. Our exhaust is piped up the back BH and spilled out of the "Smell Zone". 



Safety Through Seaworthiness 

               The Go Anywhere Boat 
At All Weather Boats we have long been aware the seas generally are not sunny and calm. That fuel, repairs and towing is expensive and distant.  Which set us on course to design and manufacture, what we feel is the best boat on the market today! 

Because: Once leaving the Marina you are on your own, don't be caught in rough seas, without the safety of an All Weather boat. 


  • Length  23' 3
  • Width    8' 0
  • Depth    3' 0

Fuel & Water:

  • 112 -35 US Gallons
  • 30 Additional in Cockpit well 

Fuel Consumption: 

  • 5k - 1 Quart- Hour
  • 6K - 2 Quart- Hour
  • 7K - 3-4 Quarts - Hour
                Utility Personified 

 Our Exterior is utility personified. Our 8' 6" cockpit with leak free hatches and alum oxide gritted walking surfaces provides space for the many activities on a boat. 

With substantial lifting, towing, tying , stepping off/ on hardware located on both bow and stern. Celebrating the 360 degree access around the boat via the gritted walkways and UHMW rubstrip-toerail, the standard rack has space for various antennas and navigation lights, additionally the rack can extend over the cockpit for a tarp, skiff, fishing poles, etc. All necessities for both work & pleasure cruising. The hand rails are designed to hang onto and get you around the boat or off the boat securely and safely. 

The anchoring system is mounted in the bow anchor holder roller, with a 20# anchor with 20' of 3/8 chain and 300' of 1/2 or larger line. Thus, enabling a retrieval by hand and will hold the boat in almost any situation. 

With a complete extra ground tackle setup in the stern, a severely hung anchor is it easy to bring the anchor line around to the stern, tie it to the shackle. The anchor well doubles as a lookout and additional fishing station. The main cockpit hatch accesses the rear of the engine, the gear, prop shaft, stuffing box etc, and quite a bit of storage. The smaller hatch at the doorway is 4 cubic ft. of FRP molded to be used for extra fuel or water, refrigeration or however you would like. 

Contact us today to request a brochure, examine the drawings, ask questions or even swap fishing stories! We are proud of our Double Ender All Weather Boat and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 




All Weather Boats

2353 Mt. View Road

Ferndale, Washington



Boating is about a safe, comfortable operation in an environment where your boat can quickly become your survival. We use every cubic inch of space from the steel shoe to the antenna mounts. Hence our motto 

"Safety Thru Seaworthiness"

Our counter space is equal to the average of larger cruisers and while the seats are lifted there is more counters for your usage. Our dinette loads so as no to tilt the boat and functions beautifully as a chart table, once underway. Under the passenger seat is approximately 2 cubic feet insulated box, that can be iced or mechanically refrigerated. The convenience of our galley combined with the easy handling boat make a single handed cooking underway completely practical.

Our stand up head is optimal in that odors exit head beyond small zone and the additional functions of this space are wet locker, shower, bilge pump station, hand laundry, etc are enhanced. An overhead skylight helps with the fine detail of the interior of the boat. When the dinette leaf is dropped access forward is provided thru doorway while, use of 1/2 the table is still usable.

We developed an automatic ventilation system to circumvent the aromas that commonly linger inside of diesel motorboat. The natural air movement over the cabin top pulls air up thru dry exhaust ducting. We feed air into the system via channeling air forward to the from, and then down under deck and back thru the cool space storage under the deck on to the engine compartment, meaning, your boat will always smell clean and fresh.

Full Color Brochure including drawings available by calling us at