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"We may not always get what we want, but surely we will get what we deserve."
                                                                                      - Doug Horton

how it all ties together

Letter of Transmittal
    The overall purpose for our CWC includes a few different aspects. First, we feel that the major purpose of our campaign is to motivate the public to be aware themselves and to then inform others about the rising costs and concerns surrounding health care. Along with the first purpose, the second purpose is to inspire the public to take ownership of and responsibility for these issues. The reader being moved to take action is the ultimate of goal.

    As a group we thought of a few goals we would like to achieve through our CWC. The first goal would be to move our readers towards educating themselves on the issues. After education, people will feel more comfortable with taking an informed position. With education and an informed position, taking action will follow. Second, we hope to suggest reasonable recommendations for the public to follow.  Last, we would like our campaign to be a success!

    Deciding on our specific purposes came after the research we did as a group. We all have had personal experience with health care and we felt the desire to understand the issues better ourselves. Each of us is concerned with the future of health care because we all have families that health care affects.

    In the beginning the topic of choice was the health care system. Immediately we found that the topic was too broad and that we needed to narrow it down. With the research and discussions we had as a group, we began to see that certain components were priority in our minds. We felt that we were a good representation of the “ average American health care consumer.” The question, “What can we do to help aid the health care crisis” began to develop. In many cases we felt powerless to make changes. Slowly we began to see that with research, passion, and our common threads, we do have the power to help others learn. Our group establishes credibility through our research and family positions. Research, from credible resources, is the basis for our campaign. We also quote the research, which we know is . We have thoughtfully considered the information we have included and feel that we are reasonable with our findings and recommendations. We all have families to care for. We are concerned about the future of health care and want to be responsible consumers. WE have had many personal, individual experiences with health care.

    There are three intended audiences for our CWC.  First is the general public and especially families here in Salt Lake City. We chose this audience because we feel that the public matters most. We all fit in this category ourselves and so we know the importance of educating the public. The second intended audience includes legislators and government personnel. We thought it was important to include this group because the legislators are the ones who can write policies that affect the issues. Third, we include potential funders of our campaign. This is an important audience because without funding our campaign cannot be successful.

Strategy Overview
The Report: Our issue was so big that we needed a genre that allowed us to communicate a lot of information. The report is used to inform and help others understand some of the important issues of health care. We feel like reports are professional and can be respected. The report is the core of our campaign. All of the other documents lead to the report. We will be including a copy of the report with a letter we are sending to senator All Mansell.

The Funding Proposal: The proposal explains our purpose and asks for money to fund our campaign. The funds we receive will cover the costs associated with a billboard, printing brochures, and mailing the letters to families in SLC. This genre we felt would be taken the most seriously when it came to asking for funding. We will be sending this proposal to Mr. Baker who is a large world wide business owner. As a large business owner, he too is affected by health care costs for his employees, which is one reason why we feel this effort will appeal to him.

The Billboard: We thought a billboard would be a great way to reach a lot of different people. It actually became harder than we originally has anticipated to come up with a message to put on a billboard. Billboards make a big impact because it only takes seconds to read the message. The billboard will have our web address on it which will lead the audience to our research and findings. The billboard will most likely be on a busy street here in Salt Lake City such as State Street, near a gas station.

The Website: We chose the genre of a website because we felt it was a good way to package all of our material. All of our information will be on the site for others to view and learn from. The information will defiantly overlap and can lead people to all of the other information. The website will give a basis for involvement on whatever level the consumer wants to take. The website will be listed on most of our documents including: the brochure, the proposal, the letter to families, and our billboard.

The Letter to Parents and Families: We chose the genre of letter writing because it is a good simple way to let others know important information that can have an impact on them. The letter encourages responsibility in regards to fitness. Humans need reminders. The letter does not include new information for the general person, but instead focuses on the existing issues of physical fitness we are all aware of. We have contacted a few organizations at this point who all are eager to help distribute this letter. Carol Blackwell, principal at Rowland Hall St. Marks School, has offered to send this letter home with the students to their families. The Jewish Community Center and the Sorenson Community Center have offered to include the letter with a mailer, or monthly news letter to the hundreds of families involved with them. We hope to contact other organizations such as PTA’s of local elementary schools that will hopefully want to participate in getting the letter out to local families.

The Brochures: The genre gives readers important information quickly. The brochure highlights practical information and is very specific and direct. If people do not have the time or interest in reading the bulk of our findings, at least they are doing something for their informational benefit. The brochure is taken from the report which again leads to our website. We have talked to Jackie Farnsworth here at Salt Lake Community College, who is with the Health and Wellness Center. They have offered for us to display the brochure with other brochures the Wellness Center offers.

The Radio Essay:  This genre we felt was something new and interesting to include. We feel that it will earn attention and respect from the listeners quickly. It will provoke emotion in the listeners, and it will inform the public of personal responsibilities in caring for their health. If people are moved by this message then they will want to learn more and they can review our research or contact us. The radio essay will be played on Globe Radio, which is the College’s radio station.

The Letter to the Editor: We included this genre because we felt it would allow us to be stronger in our opinion. It will also allow us to reach newspaper readers. We hope that those who do read it will thoughtfully consider its content, and be moved to promote change. A letter to the editor can be insightful, professional, and emotional. We will send this letter the local newspaper agencies such as The Salt Lake Tribune, and the Deseret