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"We may not always get what we want, but surely we will get what we deserve."
                                                                                      - Doug Horton

a letter to an employeer asking for funding assistance

9 December 2004

Dear Mr. Forest Baker,

    We live in a world of miracles when we consider the advances that have been made in medicine and health care. Diseases and injuries that not so long ago condemned their victims to permanent disability or death can now be cured and healed. However, there are millions in our own country who cannot take advantage of the knowledge, technology, and procedures that could help them because of rapidly escalating costs. No doubt that, as a business-owner, you have seen it become more and more difficult to provide health benefits for your employees.

    While not an exhaustive list, we have found through our research what we believe are four major contributors to this problem:
health insurance benefits are being used without necessary restraint,
bad patent laws limit the creation of affordable drugs,
punitive damages force doctors to practice defensive medicine,
and the public is far too uninformed and unmotivated to take basic self-care measures.

    The system is ailing and we - four college students with spouses and children - are concerned that while our children and grandchildren will see the greater advances in medicine than we can imagine, that care may be out of reach for them. Health care and its accessibility is far too important to allow it to be kicked around like a political football by candidates running for public office. It is far too important to be intimidated by its size, scope, and complexity.

    Mr. Baker, we are engaged in a campaign to inform the public of these important issues and to encourage them to take action. We have enclosed with this letter much of the material we have developed. Our campaign includes brochures and fact sheets, a radio speech, and a detailed report of our findings. All of this has been published on CD-ROM and on the internet. Our plan is to reach out over the radio, in person, through email, and with a billboard advertising our campaign, to thousands of people in the Salt Lake Valley. We hope that they, in turn,  will continue to share our message with others.

    Our only obstacle, we feel, is the capital needed to fund our campaign. We find ourselves in the same position in our campaign that millions of American’s do in regards to their health care. So close, but unaffordable. We invite you, sir, to help us help others. With only $2,500 we could do the good which we have planned. Will you join us?

    Mr. Baker, we would be glad to meet with you to discuss all of this in person. You can see our research in detail at or contact us at

Heather, Judy, Christian, and Drew